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Don't Breathe Is Fine, but Here's Why It's Not as Great as Everyone Says

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List RulesVote up the aspects of Don't Breathe that prove it is wildly overrated.

Don’t Breathe, the sophomore film from horror director Fede Alvarez, has been tearing up the box office, and critics are crowning it as one of the greatest thrillers of the modern era. That’s cool for Alvarez and the film’s star, Jane Levy, but the movie is just okay. It’s fine! It’s a movie that someone wrote, filmed, and showed to audiences. But if people are going to continue to breathlessly laud Don’t Breathe, then it's somebody's civic duty to point out all the reasons Don't Breathe is overrated.

Whether you’ve seen the movie and you’re looking for something to get mad about on the Internet, or you’re just a curious bystander, vote up the worst things about Don't Breathe, the things that prove it's not a horror masterpiece.

Don’t Breathe closely follows in the dual traditions of home invasion films like You’re Next and Funny Games, and feminist revenge films like I Spit on Your Grave and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it never reaches the heights of those movies, and instead settles for a middle ground akin to a hefty shrug. If you liked Don’t Breathe – that’s cool. We’re Happy for you. But there are a lot of reasons why Don't Breathe isn't as good as everyone says and we’re here to explain them to you.

Vote on the aspects of Don’t Breath that prove it is wildly overrated, then leave us a comment about why you were rolling your eyes in the theater. 

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