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The Worst Things About Going to Bars in Your 30s

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Bars and booze... we love to hate them and we hate to love 'em. When you're thirty, you're too old to wear a sombrero in a bar, but you still love drowning your sorrows in a delightful glass of sudsy alcoholic self-confidence. So what does a thirsty 30-something do? Suck it up and deal with all of these annoying scenarios that you WILL experience if you don't choose your bars wisely. 

Realizing you've outgrown your favorite watering hole is a sad, sad thing. Suddenly, the place you used to flee to for refuge and solitude has turned into a meat market for rabid college students and a breeding ground for terrible selfies. And college kids and selfie sticks hardly scratch the surface when it comes to why bars suck. Have you ever heard of a thing called Trap music? Oh, what? You couldn't hear me over the obnoxious volume of the not-so-ironic Spice Girls and Limp Bizkit jams? 

But what are the absolute worst things about going out when you're in your thirties? This list of reasons bars are the worst just might be the reason you save money this month. Or, maybe it'll inspire you to start looking for seedier dive bars on the outskirts of town - we'd all rather drink with a crusty biker gang than a pack of frat bros, anyways. Vote up the most relatable terrible bar situations and add any of your own to the list!
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