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The Worst Things About Group Dinners

As a rule of thumb, group dinners are one of the worst things known to man, following closely behind accidentally smelling garbage, and spilling dish water all over yourself. If you’ve been subjected to a dinner with more than four people, or even the dreaded birthday dinner, then you know the pain that a group dinner can be. But in order to be a functioning member of society you have to attend group dinners unless you want people to think you’re a joyless miser who would rather sit at home and eat lentils for every meal. Even though you’re attending a group dinner, that doesn’t mean you have to like it, here is our list of the worst things about group dinners.

Hopefully this list of the worst things about getting together with a bunch of people and going out to a restaurant will give you some ideas on how to make your group dinner more palatable to everyone involved. All group meals, especially birthday dinners, have things about them that we don’t like but hopefully after reading this list you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls of a standard group dinner and help everyone have a great time. After reading this, hopefully you don’t feel alone in your rancor for the wretched group meal.

Check out this list of the things we can’t stand about going out to eat with a bunch of people and vote up the worst things about group dinners. And if there’s something that makes a birthday dinner your own prison, add it to the list.
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    Choosing a Location Is Impossible

    It's hard enough to get two people to agree on a restaurant, so good luck trying to get four or more people to decide on a place to eat. Especially if any of your friends are vegan or gluten free. 
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    Good Luck Sitting Next to Your Friend

    Even if you do like one or two people at your group dinner, there's no way you're going to get to sit next to them. It's a statistical fact that maitre d's can tell which members of a dinner party dislike the others, and will force them to sit next to each other at every meal. 
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    The Wait Time for Your Food Is Infinite

    It already takes forever to get food at a good restaurant, but when you add ten other people to your meal, you can expect the wait time to increase exponentially, and baby, you're going to get hangry - the worst of all the emotions.
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    The Long Wait for a Table

    If you and your friends are more of the spontaneous type and tend to eschew reservations, don't to get a table immediately. More than likely you're going to be waiting for at least an hour. Hope you like sitting at the bar.
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