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Jason Robbins
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And so the gods of modern technology have seen fit to bless the mindless masses with a software update. Maybe you're wondering, "Should i get the new iOS?" A valid query. But the real question is, is iOS 10 a blessing, or a Sodom & Gomorrah-style curse? Or, put more succinctly, does iOS 10 suck? Well, yes and no. There are some nice features to iOS 10, but, as with most new Apple products, users are reporting numerous bugs and other annoyances tied to the new software.

Let's be clear - there are plenty of nifty improvements provided by iOS 10. But what fun would it be to talk about those? It's every iPhone user's right and pleasure to gripe about the smallest inconveniences suffered through constant, addiction-addled phone use. What do you think this is, the Killing Fields? Apple acolytes don't have real problems, they have rich people problems. 

So let's come together before of our false, flat, retina-screened idol, and stone it to death for forcing us to make occasional extra keystrokes. Behold: here is your list of worst things about iOS 10. Don't forget to vote up your biggest new-software-related pet peeves.

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Pushing the Home Button to Access Your Phone Even After Using Your Fingerprint or Code, Necessitating Anger Management Courses

72 19
Faster Battery Drain Because the Damn Thing Wasn't Dead Fast Enough Already

75 24
No More Slide to Unlock, and a Bunch of Dumbass Nonsense in Its Place

49 13
The Way the Camera Opens All Tiny in Messages

45 11
You Can No Longer Copy Parts of Messages Because Why Exactly?

52 18
Sh*tty Substitute Emojis, Like the Water Pistol, Because That'll Stop Gun Violence (BTW You Can Still Buy iGun Pro So WTF Is the Point, Exactly?)

53 22
No iMessage Alerts Anymore, So Expect to Be Fired When You Miss that Message from Your Boss

34 11
Alerts and Notifications Are Freaking Enormous

31 9
Personal Information on the Lock Screen Because Maybe Identity Thieves Program for Apple Now and Want to Help Their Friends?

36 13
Message Notifications Are Way Too Intrusive and Hard to Remove

31 12
Vanishing Ringtones Because Yeah Who Needs Those, Apple? Thanks.

30 13
Media Controls No Longer on Main Control Center Pop-Up

26 11
Accidentally Swiping to Media Player Control Every Time You Try to Dim Your Screen

41 25
Heinous Wifi Connectivity Issues, So There Goes All Your Data

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32 18
iPhone Overheats Now, If It Didn't Already Have Enough Problems

24 11
Less Intuitive Apple Music Interface aka It Sucks Even More Than It Did Before Which Was Pretty Heavy Suckage

26 14
This Digital Touch Message Thing Is Annoying and Stupid. So Are the Invisible Ink, Sound Effects, Balloon & Confetti, etc.

16 5
Swipe Down Always Opens Notifications View Instead of the Today Widgets

20 10
Stop Trying to Learn My Sleep Cycle, Machine

21 11
Problems with Volume Control So Kiss Your Hearing Goodbye as Your Headphones Vacillate from Faint to Cocophonous

22 12
How Do You Draw a Heart? Why Would I Draw a Heart?

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24 15
Awesome 3D Touch Controls Aren't So Awesome w/o a 3D Touch iPhone, i.e. Completely F*cking Worthless

18 11
Great, Now You Have to Go Disable 'Raise to Wake'

30 25
Phones Bricking During Download So There Goes Your Whole F*cking Life Thanks Very Much Apple

14 10
All the Colors on the Control Center

19 16
All the New People Emojis Look So Sad

15 12
New Messaging Features Send Alerts Every Time Someone Does. ANYTHING

14 11
Notes Are Less Tidy

15 14
Have to Swipe Between Control Center and Media Player, Like You Have All Day

16 17
What Is This Home Icon? Get Off My Screen

14 15
Too Much Horizontal Swiping So All Our Fingers Will Look Like Warped Wood in 10 Years

13 14
The Idiotic Message Effects Animations Throw You into Seizures

14 16
Holy Sh*t What Happened to My Widgets