The Absolute Worst Things About Winter

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This is all about the worst things that suck about winter, so vote up the ones you hate the most.

While it is great that the winter months bring us some holiday cheer and excuses to stay in our warm PJs all day, there is an abundance of inconveniences these cold months have that not even the best winter activities can make up for. Between the insane wind chill factor, waking up when it is still dark out, and having to exert all our strength into clearing a path in our driveways, winter can get pretty painful. 

Below are the absolute worst things about winter. What do you dread most about this season? For those of you who don't mind the cold, check out this list of the best things about winter.  
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  • Wind Chill Factor
    428 votes

    Wind Chill Factor

  • Icy Sidewalks
    430 votes

    Icy Sidewalks

  • Flu
    429 votes


  • Scraping / Defrosting Car
    385 votes

    Scraping / Defrosting Car

  • Black Ice
    464 votes

    Black Ice

  • Dry Skin
    337 votes

    Dry Skin