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The 30 Worst Things About Working From Home

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If you are a freelancer or have any job that allows you to work from home, you know how great it can be. There are many perks to working from home. You get to make your own schedule, you don't have to get out of your pajamas if you don't want to, and you're free to run errands whenever you wish. But there are downsides to working from home, too.

Friends and family may tell you all the time how much they envy you, and how they would give anything to be able to work from home, too. But as great as it can be sometimes, there are many things that can make working from home not so great. For example, friends and family thinking that your life is like one big vacation. You wish they understood that just because you work from home, it doesn't mean you don't work.

What are the worst things about working from home? If you are a freelancer or spend most of your time working from home, now's your chance to have your voice heard, and let us know what really sucks about working at home.
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    People Not Understanding That You Actually Work Really Hard

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    Just because I can work from my couch, doesn't mean I make money by watching TV.
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    Having to Wait for a Response to a Simple Question Via Email

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    It would be so much easier to walk down the hall to get what you need.
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    Needing To Master Time Management Skills

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    You quickly realize how fast the day goes by.
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    People Thinking Your Life is One Big Vacation

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    While it is easy to procrastinate in an office and still be paid, when you work from home, you have to account for every hour you have worked to get that sweet paycheck.
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