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The 30 Worst Things About Working in Retail

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This list of the worst things about working in retail stores includes some of the awful things that happen to people employed in retail. The retail world is a tough place. Retail, for most, is not a fun job. In fact it can be down right miserable. There are many times retail employees are day dreaming about having one of these best jobs in the world or these fun jobs that pay well. Because when it comes to working retail, almost anything will make you say, "I hate working retail."

Retail employees have a difficult job, and it's hard to understand if you haven't experienced it first hand. The expectations are always high and generally come from a corporate office that does not know what it is like to work on a sales floor. Not only do retail employees have to clean, stock, and maintain a store, they have to balance constant customer service, ringing a register, and some insane customers. While there are many positive things about a retail career and plenty of fun retail jobs, that's another list - this is a ranking of the worst aspects of working in stores.
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    Customers Who Don't Believe Everything is on the Floor

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    If an employee tells you that everything is on the floor, they are usually telling the truth. When you insist they check anyway, they spend 5 minutes out back trash talking you while pretending to look.
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    Cleaning the Store

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    Approach endcap, fill, fold, organize by size, watch child throw 45 minutes of work on the floor, repeat.
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    Leaving a closing shift and doing an opening shift the following day.
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    Ringing Register

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    At some point, every employee will face that moment where they have a line of mean muggin' customers and no back up cashier. What makes it even better is every customer who says, "Are you the only one here? Why don't they staff more people?"
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