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The Most Low-Key Sociopathic Things The Gang Has Done On 'It's Always Sunny'

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There's no arguing that the central characters of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are rude, crude, and downright vile. The shenanigans that Charlie, Dee, Dennis, Frank, and Mac get themselves into just prove this fact over and over again. The gang's self-obsessed and sociopathic actions often snowball out of control, wrapping them up in situations that no human would ever deem to be morally correct or socially appropriate.

Fans of the series can ponder all they want about the intentions or motives of the Paddy's Pub-dwelling misfits, devising a slew of It's Always Sunny fan theories, but the truth of the matter is that they're all way too wrapped up in their own heads to care about what anyone else thinks about them. 

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    Dee Claims A Nonexistent Baby On Her Taxes, Then Fakes Its Demise

    Episode: "Sweet Dee Gets Audited" (Season 7, episode 4)

    Dee's sneaky antics get her in trouble with the United States government when the IRS audits her for claiming a fake child as a dependent. To make the situation appear real to the auditor, Dee stages a funeral for the fictional child. 

    To make the ceremony more realistic, the gang gives eulogies for the baby, and Dee puts so much chili powder in her eyes to fake her crying that her eyes start to bleed. When Mac and Charlie flip the coffin in outrage, the IRS agent discovers that what's really inside the coffin is a decomposing dog from the alley.

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    Mac And Dennis Eat Their Dog, Dennis Jr.

    Episode: "Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs" (Season 11, episode 5)

    After moving to the suburbs, Mac and Dennis find themselves desperately bored. In an effort to pull themselves back into an active and exciting lifestyle, Dennis buys a dog for Mac, who names it Dennis Jr.

    Regardless of the new dog, Dennis and Mac both start to lose their minds. Eventually, Dennis Jr. perishes and Mac is left with the task of burying it. However, that night over dinner, he informs Dennis he has changed his mac and cheese recipe - hinting that, instead of using farmed meat, he used dog meat from Dennis Jr.

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    The Gang Repeatedly Siphons Blood From Frank While He’s Asleep

    Episode: "Frank Retires" (Season 10, episode 9)

    When Frank throws in the towel at the bar, he turns over all his shares to the gang. Frank's firstborn child is in line to take over, but Charlie and Dennis argue over which of them fits the bill. There's a dispute over whether or not Frank is really Charlie's father, but he refuses to take a paternity test to prove who is right.

    Desperate to compare the DNA, Charlie and Dennis decide to siphon blood from Frank while he's sleeping. Draining him of nearly all of his vital fluids, they take their sample in for testing. The results are far from acceptable, as the results show the DNA of four humans and one animal.

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    Dee And Dennis Use Crack To Mooch Off Of Government Welfare

    Episode: "Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare" (Season 2, episode 3)

    In an attempt to pursue their dreams of permanently living on government welfare, Dennis and Dee test out a variety of ways to manipulate the unemployment office into giving them free cash. They try to convince the social workers they are substance users, but are told they must have the bloodwork to prove it.

    To make their dreams a reality, Dennis and Dee take to the streets. However, buying crack off the streets just gets the two hooked on the substance, and they end up missing all of their bloodwork appointments. In the end, they don't get on welfare and now have a major substance problem - one that is revisited in later episodes.

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