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The Most Messed Up Things Angelica Did on Rugrats

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If you grew up in the '90s you probably watched Rugrats, and were enamored with the adventures of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica. Everyone remembers Angelica as the bully of the group, but you may not recall just how mean she could be. From turning babies against one another to telling the other rugrats their parents didn't love them anymore, Angelica was basically the Machiavelli of '90s children's television.

Check out the list for all the mean things Angelica did and vote up which you think are worst.
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    Angelica Fakes a Broken Leg

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    What She Did: Angelica faked a broken leg while visiting her aunt and uncle. She then proceeded to torment Aunt Didi and Uncle Stu remorselessly. For instance, Stu set up a buzzer for Angelica to use in case of emergency, and she used it nonstop to drive him nuts. 

    Why It Was Horrible: She had absolutely no remorse for lying or what she put Stu and Didi through.

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    Angelica Tells Chuckie a Watermelon Seed Will Grow Inside His Stomach and Explode

    What She Did: Angelica tells Chuckie that a watermelon seed he swallowed will grow, and subsequently explode, in his stomach. The explosion might just kill him. 

    Why It Was Horrible: To convince someone of their impending death, especially a baby, is wack. 

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    Angelica Convinces Tommy, Phil, and Lil That Chuckie is an Alien

    What She Did: Angelica told the babies that Chuckie and his dad are aliens to prevent them from playing in the new playhouse.

    Why It Was Horrible: Just another example of Angelica turning friends against one another for her own gain.

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    Angelica Tries to Steal Chuckie's Teeth

    What She Did: Angelica plotted a way to steal Chuckie's teeth to get money from the tooth fairy. Gross!

    Why It Was Horrible: Stealing is bad enough, but to steal someone's teeth for a few bucks from the tooth fairy is really messed up. At least she didn't steal them straight from Chuckie's head.   
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