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The Most Shockingly Depraved Things Comic Book Movie Villains Have Ever Done

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Doing evil things is kind of comic book movie villains' thing, but not all nefarious acts are created equal. These scary comic book movie villains take things to the next level, often completely disregarding any collateral damage their actions may have. Blowing up cities all over the world, attempting to end the lives of innocent kids and teens, and carrying out matricide are all fair game in these depraved villains' eyes. 

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    Kevin Displays The Heads Of His Prey In His Basement As Trophies In ‘Sin City’

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    Sin City's Kevin isn't your run-of-the-mill creep. The cannibalistic perp hunts down the Girls of Old Town and drags them back to the Roark family farm, where he devours them.

    As if the mute offender's actions weren't already vile enough, he then takes the heads of his targets and mounts them on his wall, much like a hunter would with the head of a stag. 

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  • In the DC Universe, Lex Luthor is arguably the smartest human on the planet. His assaults are more like moves in chess, focused on the long game, like with the incendiary device he sets off in Batman v. Superman. 

    The evil genius sets up an incendiary device to go off in the US Capitol as Superman is being questioned, and he sneaks it in with an Army vet's wheelchair. Not only does he wipe out every single person in the room (aside from Superman, of course), but he uses a man who had lost his legs defending the country.

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  • Villains in comic book movies often use innocent lives as a way to lure in the hero. In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is hellbent on seeing through Ra's al Ghul's vision of wiping out Gotham City, deeming it beyond saving.

    As Bane takes over the city, his cohorts move through the pipes of Gotham, setting up a massive number of incendiary devices. Pockets around the city burst, trapping most of Gotham's authorities in the rubble. But Bane doesn't stop there. He instills terror by blowing up the football field and box seats just as the game kicks off.

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    Adrian Veidt Designs A Plan Of Mass Extermination To Prove A Point In ‘Watchmen’

    In the parallel 1985 world of Watchmen, the US and the USSR's Cold War is about to come to a dramatic climax. Like any villain, Adrian Veidt, AKA Ozymandias, sees himself as the hero when he opts to end millions of lives instead of the potential billions of an active war. Veidt learns that Dr. Manhattan's associates have developed cancer, likely due to his radioactive genetic makeup. Veidt plans explosions all over major cities that carry the same radioactive signature as his former crime-fighting companion. Veidt makes Dr. Manhattan a unifying enemy, and for a while, there is peace.

    Unfortunately, this is only temporary, as Rorschach mails a journal with his suspicions about Veidt to a newspaper. Millions perish - not to mention Dr. Manhattan blows up Rorschach to keep him from telling the truth and ruining the peace - for short-lived global relief. 

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