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The Most Shockingly Depraved Things Comic Book Movie Villains Have Ever Done

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Doing evil things is kind of comic book movie villains' thing, but not all nefarious acts are created equal. These scary comic book movie villains take things to the next level, often completely disregarding any collateral damage their actions may have. Blowing up cities all over the world, attempting to end the lives of innocent kids and teens, and carrying out matricide are all fair game in these depraved villains' eyes. 

  • As Peter Parker and his friends piece together that Quentin Beck, AKA Mysterio, isn't all whom he seems to be, the disgruntled ex-Stark Industries employee decides to cover his tracks. In order to do this, he decides to end the lives of Parker and his teenaged classmates.

    First, Mysterio throws Spider-Man in front of a train, typical supervillain vs. superhero fare. The pseudo-hero assumes Spidey is gone and moves on to London to tie up the rest of his loose ends. He and his team make their most elaborate illusion to date - an assault by all four Elementals - in an effort to cover up the truth behind his alleged superpowers. 

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  • All Buddy Pine wants to be is a superhero, and when his idol Mr. Incredible brushes him off, he makes it his life's mission to eliminate the vigilante.

    As Syndrome, the self-proclaimed supervillain doesn't simply go after Mr. Incredible. Instead, he builds a robot that gets smarter as it fights - and fatally defeats - other "supers." Syndrome's robot tears through countless supers before it even gets to Mr. Incredible and his family. 

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  • Obadiah Stane has always been a part of Tony Stark's life. Stane was Tony's father's business partner. After Tony's father passed, Stane ran Stark Industries as second-in-command behind Tony. Not content with being in the second-highest position of a tech conglomerate, Stane works with extremist groups in an effort to slay Tony and take over the business.

    When that fails, Tony says the executive can no longer produce tactical instruments - a highly profitable wing that Stane doesn't want to part with. He sells devices to both sides of the conflict, all in the hopes of eliminating Tony and being first-in-command at Stark Industries.  

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  • In Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man, Norman Osborn, AKA Green Goblin, realizes that Peter Parker is his nemesis, Spider-Man. Before this revelation, Green Goblin asks Spidey to team up with him, but his invitation is turned down. When Norman's son, Harry, reveals that his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson has a thing for the Webslinger, Norman uses this information as bait.

    As Green Goblin, he captures children on the Roosevelt Tram, along with Mary Jane, to taunt Spider-Man. He makes Spider-Man choose between saving his love and a tram full of innocent children - an impossible choice.

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