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The Most Shockingly Depraved Things Comic Book Movie Villains Have Ever Done

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Doing evil things is kind of comic book movie villains' thing, but not all nefarious acts are created equal. These scary comic book movie villains take things to the next level, often completely disregarding any collateral damage their actions may have. Blowing up cities all over the world, attempting to end the lives of innocent kids and teens, and carrying out matricide are all fair game in these depraved villains' eyes. 

  • When Odin discovers that Hela's powers - and ambitions - are too destructive, he attempts to stow her away. Before he is able to do so, however, Hela strikes and wipes out the Valkyrie, the warrior women who keep Asgard safe. Before Hela turned, she fought alongside these warriors and Odin.

    Without a second thought, she eliminates them because they are in her way. She nearly wipes out the entire race, save for Scrapper 142, who tries to drown out the emotional aftermath of the event with the bottle.

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  • In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne wipes out the temple at which he learned his ninja skills, as the leader, Ra's al Ghul, believes that Gotham is beyond saving and should be ended. As Batman, he encounters Dr. Jonathan Crane, an unlawful psychologist who has been using a potent hallucinogenic on inmates. Crane, AKA Scarecrow, reveals that he has dumped this toxin in Gotham's water supply.

    At first, this doesn't seem like an issue, as the substance is only activated in vapor form. But Scarecrow's plan is two-fold; Ra's is still alive, and he snatches a powerful microwave transmitter to vaporize the city's water supply, plunging Gotham into chaos. Every citizen - children included - is almost defenseless against experiencing sudden and random hallucinations.

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  • Gideon Graves takes gaslighting to the 21st century in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The seventh evil ex of Ramona Flowers has a way of getting inside her head - literally.

    The indie rock music exec installs a microchip at the base of Ramona's neck to keep her under his control. He forces Ramona to break up with Scott and stay submissive as Gideon and Scott clash the first time around. 

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    Chris D'Amico Slays His Mom In ‘Kick-Ass 2'

    Chris D'Amico wants nothing more than to avenge his father. Self-made superhero Kick-Ass has fired at Chris's dad with a bazooka, and when Chris's mom asks him to stop obsessing about it, he freaks out. In a fit of rage, Chris follows his mom to her tanning bed and begins kicking it while she's in it. The machine short circuits, frying his mom while she's inside.

    Even though this is technically a tragic mishap, he is a teenager who knows how a tanning bed works. He could have caused it to collapse and burn her, but that thought - or her ultimate demise - didn't stop him.

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