The Most Evil Things DC Villains Have Ever Done

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Robbing a bank in a colorful costume isn't the behavior of a model citizen, but it doesn't hold a candle to the worst things the DC villains have ever done. Ever since comic books started to mature in a post-Watchmen world, the villains have gotten a whole lot scarier. Whether it's brutalizing a loved one or destroying a planet, the list of their collective misdeeds is pretty bleak. 

If you stopped reading comic books when you were a kid and Batman was still wearing blue, you're in for quite a ride. Follow along and vote up the acts of evil that you think go above and beyond. 

  • Joker Tricked Superman Into Beating Lois Lane To Death, Then Nuked Metropolis
    Photo: DC Comics

    Joker believes in one truth above all: Anyone can become just like him - all they need is one bad day. 

    Inside the pages of Injustice Year One, penned incredibly by Tom Taylor, Joker gave Superman his one bad day. Joker did this by using Scarecrow's fear toxin to convince Superman he was duking it out with Doomsday, one of the few beings in the universe Kal-El doesn't have to hold back against. At the end of the fight, Superman realized the mistake he made. It wasn't Doomsday he was fighting at all - it was Lois Lane. He had beaten her to death, along with their unborn child.  

    You might think that was enough to set Superman off right there, but Joker decided to nuke Metropolis for good measure.

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    The Joker Brutalized Multiple Members Of The Bat-Family

    The Joker Brutalized Multiple Members Of The Bat-Family
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    The Joker is a sadistic freak who wants nothing more than to have Batman completely to himself. So, logically, he hates anyone that stands between him and his Bat-love. This means he hates the members of the Bat-Family most of all and regularly takes his anger out on them.  

    While he's delivered his twisted form of aggression to most members of the Bat-Family by this point, no one has gotten it worse than Jason Todd (the second Robin) and Barbara Gordon. Joker changed Barbara's life forever by shooting her in the spine, depriving her of the ability to walk. 

    With Jason, Joker abducted the young Robin and beat the life out of him with a crowbar. If you think that's bad, you, the audience, are to blame, as well. Before DC took the plunge and knocked off Robin, it gave readers the choice to call in and vote.

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    The Batman Who Laughs Slaughtered Every Other Hero On His Earth

    The Batman Who Laughs Slaughtered Every Other Hero On His Earth
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    Batman has a plan for everything. The good people of Gotham City are lucky he's on their side, because if he weren't, it would be catastrophic. This is evidenced by the Batman Who Laughs, a version of Batman from a different Earth who broke his cardinal rule and killed the Joker. Upon the Clown Prince of Crime's demise, he released a toxin that infected Batman, turning him into something evil like himself. 

    In his new form, Wayne went to work quickly, shooting the other members of his Bat-Family as they trained. Then, he systematically took out every single other member of the Justice League. To finish things off, he wiped out the entirety of the Earth he's originally from.

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  • Major Force Murdered Kyle Rayner's Girlfriend And Stuffed Her Into A Refrigerator
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    The worst moment in Kyle Rayner's life came at the hands of the second-rate villain Major Force. Major Force, a psychopath who was chosen for the Captain Atom Project, was tasked with discovering the secret identity of this new Green Lantern, and then killing him. 

    His only lead was knowledge of the Green Lantern's girlfriend, so he went to her house to shake her down for information. When Rayner returned to her home, he found that Major Force had done a lot more than get information. Rayner found a note, supposedly left by his girlfriend, saying she had a "surprise in the fridge." When Rayner opened it, he found his girlfriend's corpse stuffed inside. The whole ordeal was far more sadistic than it needed to be, and showcased the twisted delight Major Force gets through his horrendous deeds.

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  • Bane Snapped Alfred's Neck
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    Bane famously broke Batman's back in the classic "Knightfall" storyline, but you may not know he did something even more unforgivable in Tom King's recent run on the series.

    What was this unforgettable sin, you ask? Bane killed Alfred. If this is the first you're hearing about it, apologies for breaking the news, but Alfred Pennyworth is no more. Bane ended his life in an attempt led by Batman's father (from a different dimension) to break his son's spirit and cause him to finally hang up the cape and cowl.

    Taking out a Robin is one thing; there's plenty of those to go around. Alfred, though? An entirely selfless man who spent his life caring for one of the greatest heroes of all time? Unforgivable.

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  • Doctor Destiny Drove An Entire Diner Of Innocents Insane Just To Have People Worship Him
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    In an issue of Sandman that DC itself billed as the scariest DC story of all time, Doctor Destiny took over a 24-hour diner and tormented its customers for an entire day. Using the power of Morpheus's amulet, Destiny mind-controlled the patrons of the diner to convince them to complete horrible deeds. Horrific highlights included one man cutting off his finger to feed to Destiny, one patron driving a nail into the hand of another, one of them ripping out a man's throat with their teeth, and ultimately all of them lying lifeless at Destiny's feet.

    The most horrific part of the whole ordeal is how utterly pointless it all was. When asked why Destiny was doing it, he simply replied, "Because I can."

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