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The Most Cold-Blooded Things Female Villains Ever Did

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We tend to think of "the most ruthless evil villains" as a boys club. Certainly some of cinema's most despicable baddies are men - the Joker, Jafar, Darth Vader - presumably all of them devising some of their most dastardly plots while standing up to do their business at the toilet. But often, the most evil female villains are overlooked or underestimated - which turns out to be a very costly mistake in most cases.

There are female villains who are just as ruthless as their male counterparts, and we promise this isn't just a setup for a "just ask my ex-wife" joke. Every lady on this list has done something so bone-chillingly awful, it would make Lord Vader and the rest of these clowns shiver in their boots. And what makes them so evil isn't just how much chaos and destruction they caused; it's how much they relished in the destruction while causing it.

  • When Annie finds out Paul has been sneaking out of his room, she straps him to a bed and breaks his legs with a sledgehammer. It's a particularly gruesome scene to watch, but what makes it even more chilling is that Annie says "I love you" afterwards.

    She loves him, but she's willing to maim him? What would she be willing to do to someone she hated? It's some Norman Bates stuff, or maybe more appropriately, it's some Kathy Bates stuff, as this is the scene that pretty much locked up her Oscar win. And judging by the look of sheer terror on Paul's face, it's a win well deserved. 

  • Never trust someone who takes their tea with three spoonfuls of sugar. That's the only lesson you could possibly take from Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Dolores Umbridge, who was so cruel, she made Harry etch the phrase "I must not tell lies" into his hand with a magic quill.

    Harry was forced to do this over and over again as if he were Bart Simpson - if Edna Krabappel were more into bloodletting. Clearly, all that sugar for Umbridge's tea was being used to cover up something sinister, and that something has nothing to do with tea.

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    In ‘The Fate of the Furious,’ Cipher Makes Dom Watch Elena's Execution

    If the Fast & Furious franchise is about anything other than fast cars being driven furiously, it's about family. That's why it's so cruel that Dom is made to watch as the mother of his child is gunned down in front of him. He knows now his son will never have a mother, and the realization of this fact seems to tickle Cipher, the woman who ordered this execution, to no end.

    Cipher claims this is all to teach Dom a lesson, but then admits she understands why Dom made the choices that led to his moment. So did she really want to teach Dom a lesson, or was she just using that as a thin veneer to be as big a jerk as possible? Smart money is on the latter.

  • Xenia Onatopp had no reason to eliminate Admiral Chuck Farrell in the way that she did. She could have lured him into a private room and shot him with a gun or chloroformed him with a rag and hid his body. Certainly, these methods would have attracted less attention than screaming loudly in ecstasy while squeezing a man to death with her thighs during an intimate encounter.

    But for Xenia, it's not about being the stealthiest spy. It's about cutting her targets down right when they're literally on top and rejoicing with each gasp for air. She's a true sadist through and through, and that's what makes her so terrifying.