People Describe The Worst Thing Their Friends Have Ever Done To Them  

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When your friends desert you, it tends to feel like the entire world has turned on its head. Friends are like anchors; they keep you rooted in normalcy, offering support and guidance when necessary. It's totally normal for good buddies to have little spats and play friendly pranks on one another, but toxic relationships are not acceptable.

Spurned pals have shared their respective woes on Reddit. Some of their stories are truly shocking. One faux friend stole his pal's identity and created a $40,000 debt. Another group of toxic individuals ditched their best friend right before a huge high school party. Have your friends ever done anything incredibly toxic to you? Have you ever been the bad friend in question?

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She Hooked Up With Her Friend's Crush

From Redditor /u/macally14

Had a friend over at a party at my house. I was romantically interested/involved with one of my roommates (he's a male I'm a female) and we were having issues trying to figure out if we were going to be exclusive or not.

Anyways friend was over, we were all drinking and my roommate goes to bed so I tell my friend about all the confusion in my life, and I am crying to her about how I'm sad and whatever. I go to bed, I assume she slept on the couch.

Next morning, I wake up and find out after I went to bed, she went upstairs to my roommate's room and they did everything but [get it on]. She said she was sorry and all that but I just couldn't fathom how [she] could literally see me crying over someone and then just go try to [be intimate] with them. I haven't talked to her in years.

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She Pretended To Have An Affair With Her BFF's Boyfriend

From Redditor /u/a_mallard_duck:

Well one of my friends was dating my boyfriend's best friend. He broke up with her, and she proceeded to tell my boyfriend's best friend and myself that she slept with my boyfriend to try to ruin all of our relationships with each other. It doesn't stop there - we all confronted her about it and she became more and more volatile, saying it happened and we had a threesome and my boyfriend was lying to me and saying we needed to pick sides...

It didn't work, my boyfriend thinks this chick is irritating... Plus we are both way too lazy to cheat on each other... She tried to apologize later by text and letter, I usually don't hold grudges but the depths she sunk to try to screw over our relationship were just so conniving. I can't let someone that toxic back into my life.

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He Talked Badly About His BFF To Make Himself Look Better

From Redditor /u/Alejandro4891

My best friend in high school used to talk sh*t about me to make himself look better in comparison. I never realized this until I was already in college. Whenever I started talking to a girl, he'd also befriend her and would usually sway the girl from continuing to talk to me or going out with me. I used to think nothing of it because I was an idiot. I thought it was just that the girl had lost interest in me.

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His Friend Took A Poll To See How Much People Didn't Like Him

From Redditor /u/Barnopottamous:

We were at a competition with maybe 40 other people in my class. [My friend] asked everyone - individually - if their lives would be better if I wasn't in it. They all said yes.

Definitely solidified the "f*ck all of you" in my mind for a time afterwards. I'm not in contact with any of them anymore.

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