People Describe The Worst Thing Their Friends Have Ever Done To Them

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When your friends desert you, it tends to feel like the entire world has turned on its head. Friends are like anchors; they keep you rooted in normalcy, offering support and guidance when necessary. It's totally normal for good buddies to have little spats and play friendly pranks on one another, but toxic relationships are not acceptable.

Spurned pals have shared their respective woes on Reddit. Some of their stories are truly shocking. One faux friend stole his pal's identity and created a $40,000 debt. Another group of toxic individuals ditched their best friend right before a huge high school party. Have your friends ever done anything incredibly toxic to you? Have you ever been the bad friend in question?

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    He Ditched His Friend In The Middle Of Nowhere And Broke His Bike

    From Redditor /u/kaboose286

    My friend and I went for a bike ride to the next town over when I was 13. [I was] pretty young to do it on my own, but he was 16 and I trusted him. We stopped at a gas station so I could use the washroom. I come out to see that he bent my chain to the side, [urinated] on my bike, and had left me there. An hour and a half long bike ride away from home, without a bike or money or pride.

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    He "Borrowed" His Friend's Identity And Racked Up $40,000 Worth Of Debt

    From Redditor /u/kane55

    A friend of mine and I fell out of touch for a few years. During that time I moved. We then got back in touch and I invited him over to my place to hang out, have a beer. and catch up. He came over and we had a great time.

    About two weeks later, I got a call from a plumbing supply company that my check to them had bounced. I had never heard of this place, but it sounded like my check. I went to the store and sure enough, it was my check, but not my signature or handwriting. The manager also said it wasn't me that wrote it. We looked at their security tape and sure enough it was my "friend..."

    It turns out my "friend" had stolen a few of my blank checks and wrote down info from my driver's license while he was at my place, likely while I was in the bathroom. He made new checks that he could write and he opened up about $40,000 worth of credit lines at various stores (mostly jewelry stores since that stuff was easy to sell). Some of the checks cleared. My account was set up so that if I accidentally overdrew my checking account it would come out of my savings account. So the checks drained my savings dry, then started bouncing.

    This was about 14-15 years ago, so identity [issues were] not as common [they are] now. The bank helped me a lot as did my local police department. They caught the guy and it turns out that the reason I had lost touch with him for two years is that he was [incarcerated]. He was also wanted on a warrant for [an attack] against his girlfriend.

    He ended up [re-incarcerated]. It took me several months and having to get a lawyer involved to finally get my credit situation straightened out.

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    He Stole His Best Friend's Fiancee

    From Redditor /u/poofacedlemur:

    Friend liked a girl, girl liked me, I didn't like girl. For six months, friend tells me to give her a chance because he wants her to be happy. For six months I refuse. Eventually, I take her out, we date, fall in love, and get engaged to be married. Fiancee and I go to visit him after he joined the Air Force. The trip ended with me catching them making out in her car. They're married now with a kid. That's the worst thing that's ever been done to me, and it was done by my two best friends.

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    She Had A Baby With Her BFF's Boyfriend

    From Redditor /u/illitizen

    We were teenagers. We were all pretty close. For months I couldn't quite understand what was happening between my best friend and my partner. They were so set on concealing it from me. Now that baby is almost two years old.

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