The Nastiest Things Hannibal Lecter Has Ever Done

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Depraved cannibal, cultured intellectual, manipulative madman - the infamous psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter is the perfect embodiment of all three, and through every visual representation of Thomas Harris's work, Hannibal is depicted with a level of sophistication, gravitas, and nightmarish psychopathy. 

From his appearances in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Hannibal (2001), where he is portrayed by the incomparable Anthony Hopkins, to Hannibal Rising (2007), where Gaspard Ulliel takes on the role, to the NBC series Hannibal, in which Mads Mikkelsen brings his own, devilish twist to the doctor, the character never fails to frighten audiences with his grotesque actions. 

The worst things Hannibal Lecter does on screen include forcing his prey to cannibalize themselves, using a horse and a rope to his advantage, and serving a man's prefrontal cortex with shallots and white wine. Whether he's assisting FBI profiler Will Graham, advising FBI special agent Clarice Starling, or getting vengeance on the men who served his sister for dinner, Hannibal Lecter's deeds are always in response to someone else's rude behavior. Not all of his actions necessarily result in a person's demise, but oftentimes, that means a worse fate awaits those who have crossed paths with the notorious Dr. Lecter.