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The Most Evil Things Marvel Villains Have Ever Done

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Marvel is known for putting its heroes through the wringer - but what are the worst things the Marvel villains have ever done? Marvel has always taken a more realistic approach to the world of heroes than its distinguished competition, meaning its protagonists have had to face their fair share of serious trials and tribulations. Spider-Man's had so many troubles in his life that he's coined the term "Parker luck" to describe all his hardship and pain. 

Whether your nemesis is out to slay your girlfriend, half of all the galaxy's population is being wiped out, or you yourself are getting taken out, being a hero isn't easy. Heroes may always win in the end, but that leaves a lot of room for the middle to get pretty bleak.

Check out this list of the most heinous acts ever committed in the universe of Marvel Comics, and vote up the worst.

  • Old Man Logan tells the story of a future gone wrong. The villains have won, and America is a wasteland. 

    Wolverine lives a quiet life with his family, mostly left alone by the villains of the past, but is unwilling to help the heroes fight for tomorrow. Wolverine eventually reveals to Hawkeye what happened to him to extinguish his spirit. As it turns out, during the villains' onslaught against the heroes, Wolverine believed the X-Mansion was totally overrun by supervillains. Logan fought hard and with lethal force, and when the fighting was done, Mysterio revealed that every villain he thought he had slain was an illusion, and Logan had been fighting against his friends. Wolverine stood horrified over the mangled remains of his closest friends, all viciously taken out by his own claws.

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  • Mister Sinister's earliest acts of evil began with experimenting on the remains of his deceased son. Once his wife found out, she was so horrified that, in her final moments, she called him "utterly... and contemptibly... sinister!" 

    Mister Sinister then showed up sometime later in Nazi Germany. As a reminder, this dude is an immortal mutant; he had no reason to join the Third Reich. He just wanted to. He used his time there to become notorious amongst even the other Nazis, and the children there (including a young Magneto) knew him as "Nosferatu." He earned this nickname by randomly taking people from the camp for his experiments. Anyone he brought with him was never seen or heard from again.

    Years later, Mister Sinister continued his habit by experimenting on a young Scott Summers while he was recovering in a hospital.

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  • Cletus Kassady, AKA the bloodthirsty Carnage, has a VERY high body count. Even before he merged with a symbiote, he was already a serial killer. As far as evil goes, he puts Venom to shame. With all that bloodshed, how do you pick his most heinous act? 

    Well, a good place to start is the simple fact that as a small boy, he took the life of his own grandma. What makes it even worse is that his grandmother was confined to a wheelchair, and he took advantage of her disability by pushing her down the stairs.

    Even with an entire life of wretched villainy, that's a pretty high bar to top.

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  • In Frank Miller's seminal run on Daredevil, the Kingpin discovered Daredevil's secret identity and got to work systematically destroying his life. Kingpin used this information to freeze Daredevil's bank accounts, take away his apartment, and ruin his legal career by framing him for perjury.

    Even with no job, no money, and a declining mental state, Murdock still remained in Kingpin's sights. When Murdock confronted Kingpin in his office, the latter brutally beat the former hero. Kingpin then hired a super-soldier to go after Murdock's friends and family. When Murdock eventually got a job as a chef at a diner, Kingpin sent the super-soldier on a rampage through Hell's Kitchen, killing civilians and blowing up the diner. When someone finally agreed to testify in court against Murdock's perjury, Kingpin had the person taken out. 

    The systematic destruction of Murdock's life only ended once Captain America stepped in to shine a light on Kingpin's activities, ruining his reputation.

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