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The Most Annoying Things About Scream Queens

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Scream Queens is a show with so much potential, but when it fails to live up to how good it could be, fans of the show are sent into a Lea Michele-esque rage. Season 1 had its ups and downs, but so far, Scream Queens' Season 2 problems are magnified versions of everything that went wrong in the first 13 episodes.

One of the most annoying things about Scream Queens is its inability to pick a tone and run with it. Viewers have seen the show excel at being a comedy, a straight-up horror show, and even a super-stylized music video, but the series’ inability to parse what it's best at and stay the course will probably be its undoing. Keep reading for more reasons Scream Queens is a bad show.

With Scream Queens, Fox has something truly interesting on its schedule: a caustic horror comedy helmed by one of the most stylish writer/director/producer/fancy-hat-wearers in Hollywood. But somewhere along the line, the show’s promise was squandered in a few too many mammy jokes (more than zero is unacceptable) and too many TLC references (yes, you can have too many). As studious viewers of Scream Queens, and lovers of the horror genre, we want the show to be so much better than it is. Our only hope is that the creators of Scream Queens can take all of these annoying things to heart and fix their dumb show.

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