WTF People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Come Home To  

Brenden Donnelly
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After a vacation or long day at work, nothing beats stepping into the comforting familiarity of home. Unless something is horribly amiss, as these Redditors discovered. Instead of a warm welcome from a loving family member, they were greeted by unexpected horrors. Some had houses flooded by water; others had rooms flooded with insects.

Whether they found sick pets or illegal labs, these individuals arrived home to some of the worst imaginable scenarios.

An Illegal Lab

From Redditor /u/Zastance:

I was raised by my grandparents (they were wonderful people who adopted a bunch of sh*tty kids), and they'd let my aunt and her boyfriend move their RV onto the property because they got kicked out of wherever they were staying. The worthless [jerks] were trying to cook [crystal] in it and it caught on fire, so they ran off and left it there burning. The neighbors called 911 and the fire department got the fire out before it got to the house. It was nice coming home from school to that. It was a huge sh*t storm.

My grandparents were almost arrested and they almost lost their house and land. Pretty much the only thing that saved them was that the lab was in a vehicle registered to the boyfriend. Even though we didn't get into any legal trouble, it was still a pain in the [butt] because the whole house had to be tested and they had to hire someone to clean up the mess and have the property test-cleaned before we could move back in.

And my childhood home is listed as a former [speed] lab on the National Clandestine Laboratory Register. My grandparents never recovered financially.

A 'Blood Sprinkler'

From Redditor /u/PotatoUnni:

... Blood everywhere. My 700-square-foot apartment looked like a family had been [slain] in it.

I was working a 12-hour shift at work and had a friend stop by to check on the dog. She immediately called to tell me the walls were covered in blood, carpet was soaked, splatter everywhere. My dog comes running up and he, too, is covered in blood. He is wagging his tail in pure joy that someone is home, activating the blood sprinkler. He had two deep cuts on his tail from a glass bottle he broke.

I left work immediately to take care of him. Get home and the sprinkler is going off again and on its highest setting! I call the vet that is across the street from me and let them know the situation and that we're coming over. I try wrapping his wounds in towels and tape them so he isn't splattering everything in a five-foot radius. Alas, he is such a happy dog and his tail is too strong for my bandage. It slips off in like two tail wags...

The vets clearly didn't believe the severity when I told them the situation, because when they saw the amount of blood going all over their pristine lobby they started panicking and trying to get her mop to clean it up. We waited in the lobby for maybe 15 minutes. There was a lot to clean.

Cleaning the apartment took me about eight bottles of peroxide and about four hours of cleaning with the help of a few other people. I've never seen that much blood before.

Over a course of a couple months we tried staples, stitches, glue, and a combination of all of them at once. His happy tail was too happy for any of them to work and his wounds wouldn't shut and heal. We ended up having to amputate his tail. Now he is a proud member of the wiggle butt nub club.

Wasps In The Walls

From Redditor /u/SylkoZakurra:

My dad came home to find a wasp in the house. And then another. And then another. He investigated. Heard a buzzing coming from the dining room.

An entire nest of wasps had been living in the walls and chewed through the sheetrock (or whatever it is they did) and were now pouring into the house through the hole.

Spider Eggs In Beanie Babies

From Redditor /u/jigglypuffpufff:

When I was around 7, I came home from a family weekend away. I walked into my room towards my cove. I had this hanging chain that you put your Beanie Babies on. As I passed it, it seemed like there was a bunch of dust particles in the air around me.

I started moving my hands in front of my face as if to push the dust particles from blocking my view... That was when I realized.

These were not dust particles, but rather hundreds upon hundreds of tiny baby spiders. While we were gone tons of eggs hatched and I was walking in all of them hanging from the ceiling on web strings.

I immediately ran screaming into the shower and refused to go back in for days after my dad killed them all. That was the end of me having Beanie Babies. Time to grow up.

TL/DR: Hundreds of spiders hatched from eggs. I walked into them all over me.