Pietro Maximoff Has Done Way More Harm To The Marvel Universe Than Wanda

For the first time since he stopped palling around with Ultron, WandaVision has made fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ask themselves one question: Is Quicksilver good or bad? But long-time readers of Marvel Comics are more than familiar with Pietro Maximoff’s continual moral ambiguity. He doesn’t just walk the line between heroism and villainy - he zooms along it at super speeds!

For every evil act the Scarlet Witch has committed in the pages of Marvel Comics, her brother has done worse - and he almost always has the benefit of his full mental faculties when he does, unlike Wanda. Sure, Quicksilver is a veteran Avenger who has helped save the world on numerous occasions, but he’s also brought it to the brink of destruction a time or two. Whether it be as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, or as one of its most devious villains, Pietro has - appropriately enough - had a good run. 

  • He Joined The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants Willingly And Proudly

    To describe Pietro Maximoff as a hero who eventually broke bad would be to miss the mark, because he started out his Marvel Comics career as a genuine supervillain. Both he and his twin sister Wanda made their debut in 1964’s X-Men #4 as card-carrying members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, a terrorist organization headed by Magneto - a man who was later revealed to be their father, and then much later revealed to not be their father.

    In fact, it was Magneto who gave Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch their costumes and codenames. And while there was some serious coercion at play in their recruitment, Pietro in particular seemed to relish the "evil mutant" lifestyle at first, gleefully battling Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men with little of the consternation displayed by his sister.

    Then, Magneto got beaten up by an Elder of the Universe, and Pietro and Wanda quit the Brotherhood, intending to move on to bigger and better things. 

  • He Quit The Avengers To Re-Join Magneto, And Battled His Old Teammates And X-Men

    Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch found a second home and a chance at redemption with the Avengers, joining fellow ex-crook Hawkeye as members of “Cap’s Kooky Quartet” after every founding Avenger retired at the same time. The public accepted Pietro and Wanda Maximoff’s villainous past, but many still couldn’t get over their anti-mutant prejudice, something that continually rankled Pietro despite the Avengers’ many victories and accolades.

    When Magneto returned after a brief sojourn in space, Pietro pretended to join him as a double-agent for the Avengers - and then betrayed the Avengers by rejoining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for real, dragging his sister along with him. The revamped Brotherhood battled a historic team-up between the Avengers and X-Men and predictably came up short, leading Pietro and Wanda to shamefully seek readmittance to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes several months later. 

  • He Framed The Avengers For Treason Because His Wife Had An Affair

    Quicksilver settled into his second stint with the Avengers a lot easier than his first, participating in several world-saving adventures, and even finding love in the form of Inhuman royal Crystal Amaquelin, whom he married and fathered a daughter with. Pietro Maximoff soon proved an inattentive and negligent husband, however, and Crystal had an affair with an ordinary human - sending Quicksilver running right back into the arms of supervillainy.

    Pietro’s rage led him to strike out at the Inhuman royal family, and then at his Avengers teammates, several of whom had suggested he reconcile with Crystal. Quicksilver then framed the entire Avengers roster for treason, leading them to be hunted by the US government for a time, and then disappeared into parts unknown before he could be brought to justice.

    In time, some - but not all - of Quicksilver’s sudden descent into betrayal and madness was attributed to the machinations of Maximus Boltagon. Pietro’s continued villainous actions thereafter, however, suggest he didn’t need all that much of a push. 

  • He Joined The Zodiac Cartel And Helped Them Go After The Avengers

    Pietro Maximoff had developed a real mad-on for his former Avengers teammates, and he began to focus the entirety of his efforts on bringing the whole organization down. That led to him joining forces with Zodiac, a cartel that had plagued Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. for decades - but had since been replaced by a series of Life Model Decoys.

    Quicksilver led his new robotic friends in a random onslaught on Avengers HQ, but his astrologically themed allies proved no match for his old squad. Again, Pietro sped away from the scene before he could be captured, but he wasn’t done harassing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes quite yet.