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The Most Messed Up Things Ren Did to Stimpy

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Ren was often on the receiving end of the worst things on Ren and Stimpy, but he deserved it. You see, Ren was all about making Stimpy his punching bag. Whether it was physical abuse, constant insults, or using his feline friend for personal gain, Ren was always doing horribly messed up things to Stimpy. And fans loved every second of it. 

The original Ren and Stimpy Show, remains pretty raunchy and un-kid friendly. The kind of abuse it contains, and the kind of neurotic anger Ren unleashes on Stimpy are staples of the show's humor, despite being signs of an obviously co-dependent relationship. Ren being a jerk to Stimpy became something kids regularly looked forward to.

So, what were the worst things Ren did to Stimpy? It's hard to pick, but we've come up with a list of some of the finest, grossest, and funniest examples of Stimpy abuse. You can vote up the ones you think are best, and hopefully this list brings you a little happiness and joy.

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    He Made Stimpy Vomit for Profit

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    Upon finding that Stimpy's hairballs are worth a pretty penny, Ren doesn't hesitate to use that to his advantage. He begins selling the disgusting blobs, forcing Stimpy to vomit over and over again on an assembly line. Eventually, this breaks something inside of Stimpy, leaving him unable to vomit and without a will to live. Oh, and he also makes Stimpy lick back hair?
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    He Peed on an Electric Fence to Kill Them Both

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    Ren is pretty distressing in this episode. When Stimpy and a visitor completely trash the place, Ren has a few choice words about what he wants to do to them, delivered in an uncharacteristically calm, measured voice. But instead of following through on his threats, he sees a board game called "Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence." Well, he does exactly what the game cautions against, peeing on the electric fence and killing them all in the process. Ren and Stimpy end up in hell, which isn't terribly surprising. 
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    He Jealously Plotted to Kill Stimpy for Being More Popular than Him

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    When Ren finds out that Stimpy has a fan club, his first instinct is naturally to kill him. That's right, because his friend is more popular than he is, Ren feels the need to plot his demise. Even when Stimpy asks him to be president of the fan club, Ren still fantasizes about killing him and wiping out vast swathes of humanity, too. Not exactly what you'd call humble admiration.
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    Evil Ren Dropped Stimpy's Prized Possessions Into a Vat of Acid

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    No good can come from anyone being split into their good and evil parts, especially when someone is as twisted as Ren. Admittedly, there's also an indifferent Ren, and he's not so bad, but evil Ren is the focus here. This evil incarnation breaks things, wreaks havoc, and even drops all of Stimpy's prized possessions into a vat of acid.
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