Dating People Reveal The Most Messed Up Things Ever Said To Them In A Breakup, And They're Pretty Awful  

Mick Jacobs
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When a relationship comes to a close, the final words of the breakup determine how both parties will remember the romantic arrangement. Naturally, some remarks might leave at least one partner feeling pretty salty about the whole thing. While some less-than-stellar significant others definitely deserve to be hit with harsh breakup lines, most people should have the blow softened in any way possible. There are wrong ways and right ways to breakup with someone, after all. Unfortunately, those of you looking for gentle blows won't find them among this collection.

People on Reddit and Buzzfeed shared the most messed up things they've heard during a breakup, and some lines were incredibly wounding. Unlike funny breakup texts, these shocking parting words were no laughing matter, unless, of course, your SO left you because you've got better Guitar Hero skills. That's both sad and funny.

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Someone In This Relationship Seems A Bit Unbalanced

From tothemaximusprime:

"You need me, I really don't need you. This is really unbalanced and I'm getting nothing out of it. You're not worth my time."

I needed his help driving me to doctor appointments for a little while because of a head injury that was causing seizures.

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You're Not The First Choice

From couchkelly:

I was dumped via SMS. One of the messages he sent a few minutes after breaking up with me said, "Hey baby, I'm free later. Same place, same time..." Before I could reply, he texted, "Sorry, not for you. Sent by mistake."

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You're Basically Unloveable

From a deleted user:

"No one will ever love you once they get to know you."

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At Least Your Sadness Serves A Greater Purpose

From cearnshaw:

"Being with you made me realize I want to be with someone I actually care about."

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