Lifestyle The 17 Worst Things That Can Happen To You In A Group Chat  

Mel Judson
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A quietly surfacing, weird, not exactly new, but prevalent trend is everybody appears to have a “groupchat.” Should you casually bring up your “groupchat” to someone, chances are they will often have a recurring one too, and probably many feelings about it. Since texting already comes with many possible pitfalls, people find that group chats open up even more chances to ruin your good name. You talk about it in-person with the other people in the group, but only when the people who aren’t in the group aren’t around. Also, you simply must remember to respond, or your unread messages will further pile on as your friends repeatedly inquire if "u r alive??"

Like in most social situations, there are exactly one million ways that you can mess everything up and humiliate yourself. In each and every social setting, even sitting on a couch next to someone watching TV, you can make some really serious mistakes. Thanks to technology and social media, that danger is amplified. The next time a group of friends decide they want to start a group chat, send them this list and suggest that starting a book club might just be easier.

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58 9
You Accidentally Talk Sh** About Someone In The Chat Instead Of On A Private Chat

65 14
People Giving Live Updates Of Something You're Not Going To

32 11
Everyone Has Talked All Day While You're At Work, And You Have 100+ Unreads

25 8
People Decide To Talk About One Person's Boring Choice To Make (Like Their Car Color)

21 6
A Small Number Of People Decide To Use The Chat To Meet Up Together, Without You

27 12
Someone Mentions You, And You're In A Meeting So You Can't Answer

15 3
You've Been Included In One Where You Don't Recognize Everyone's Numbers

12 3
When You Send A Response To One Person's Message And Then Someone Else's Gets There First, Voiding Your Answer

10 5
Everyone Chooses Nicknames Instead Of Their Real Ones

18 14
A/The Prominent Couple In The Chat Breaks Up

14 10
The Conversation Becomes Political And No One Agrees With You

7 4
More Than 50 Messages About A Topic You Know Nothing About

7 4
You Send A Text And Leave Your Phone, And Everyone Jumps All Over It

9 7
The Wait After Everyone's Clearly Seen Your Controversial Statement

6 6
One Person Goes On A Diatribe And You Accidentally Marked “Seen” It In The Chat, So You Must Respond

5 5
Everyone Has A Big Moment You Don't Share With Them

6 7
The Person You Like Least In The Chat Has A Serious Crisis And You Have To Pretend You Care

10 12
Someone Decides To Speak In Fragments, Leaving You Extra Unreads

9 13
Everyone Starts Using An Emoji While You Don't Have Your Phone Handy

3 7
Getting Called Out For Not Responding