The Worst Things That Can Happen on Shrooms

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Vote up the absolute worst things that could take place while you happen to be on mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms have been around since prehistoric times. They have been used for religious purposes, creativity, health benefits, and for straight up recreational tripping, amongst other things. Shrooms can cause intense, psychedelic trips, and there are certain things you just really don't want to have happen around you while you're on this magical drug.

Mushrooms are used all over the world for various purposes and some animals are even known to ingest them and have their own wonky experiences. People on shrooms, experience visuals, sensory changes, euphoria, perception changes (time goes right out the window) and often strong spiritual experiences. Luckily, mushrooms are the single safest psychedelic. Worst case you vomit.

But with your perception altered, and with all of your senses in overload, the things on this list are events you definitely don't want to have happen. Vote up the worst things that could happen when you're on shrooms below, and steer clear of your parents and public speaking engagements at all costs.
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  • A Police Raid
    144 votes

    A Police Raid

  • You Encounter a (real) Bug Infestation
    130 votes

    You Encounter a (real) Bug Infestation

  • A Shoot-Out
    99 votes

    A Shoot-Out

  • Running Into Your Parents
    120 votes

    Running Into Your Parents

  • You Have to Speak in Public
    111 votes

    You Have to Speak in Public

  • You Witness a Kidnapping
    77 votes

    You Witness a Kidnapping