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Beach Day Disasters You Definitely Don't Want To Google

Beach day disasters are the last thing you want to think about on vacation, but taking a few precautions might save your life. These might include staying away from the water, avoiding sand, or keeping yourself sterile at all times. These might seem like extreme measures, but there are enough creepy stories from the ocean, seas, and beaches to let you know that precautions may be necessary.

Whether you are at the beach, a lake, or are lost at sea, any body of water has the potential to be a highly dangerous place where disaster can strike at any time. This knowledge is a great weight to bear, as many of the worst things that happened at the beach are simply too grisly to think of, let alone Google. Nevertheless, the beach is inevitable and eternal, and all we can do is be prepared. Education is the key to safety at the beach. With the right information, you'll be able to go on your next vacation with confidence.


  • A Couple Was Slain By Their New Friends From The Club

    When Martha "Geney" Crutchley and Joshua Ford left Seacrets Jamaica USA, a beach bar in Ocean City, MD, they thought they were going to have a chill night in a hot tub with their new friends. Benjamin and Erika Sifrit, who they met at Seacrets earlier that evening, had other plans for them.

    The Sifrits got the couple drunk in their penthouse condo near the bar, where they became agitated and vindictive, accusing Ford and Crutchley of stealing Erika's purse, which allegedly had her grandmother's $10,000 ring inside.  

    The scene escalated, and Erika shot the revelers. Afterward, she and her husband dismembered the couple and hid their remains in a grocery store dumpster in a nearby beach town, Rehoboth, DE.

    While the Sifrits were not caught for several days, their undoing unexpectedly took place at Hooters, where they were apprehended for filling their entire Jeep Cherokee with stolen merchandise.

  • Two Girls Perished In The Unsolved Mystery Of Wanda Beach

    In the summer of 1965, two Australian teenage girls mysteriously vanished. Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock had spent the day with Schmidt's younger siblings at Wanda Beach in New South Wales.

    Later in the day, the girls parted ways with the younger children and went deeper into the sand hills, never to be seen again. Sharrock and Schmidt were reported missing by Sharrock's grandmother later that evening, but it was already too late.

    The mangled bodies of the two girls were found in the dunes the next morning, with multiple stab wounds and fractures suggesting blunt force trauma. The killer was never found, and the Wanda Beach murders remain one of New South Wales's oldest unsolved homicide case.

  • A Man Was The First Person Killed By A Shark In 82 Years

    After decades of shark sightings, Cape Cod residents knew it was only a matter of time before an inevitable accident. On September 15th, 2018, Arthur Medici became the first person to die of a shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936.

    During a normal boogie boarding excursion, a great white shark bit Medici on both of his legs, and he bled out before he made it back to shore. The incident left the coastal community in a panic, as there are no simple solutions to the area's steadily increasing shark population.

  • A Woman's Parasailing Birthday Party Went Horribly Wrong

    Some say that an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, but for Katie Malone, this couldn’t be further from the truth. On her 29th birthday, Malone embarked on a parasailing adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. On the ascent, it all went according to plan. But then, the line connecting her to the boat snapped, and she went careening towards land.

    Malone remained airborne for 45 minutes until she made a crash landing at an airport two miles away from where she came untethered. While Malone survived the crash, she broke her pelvis and four ribs, causing her lung to collapse.