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The Most Messed Up Things Thor Has Ever Done In The Comics

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Out of all of Earth’s mightiest heroes, there’s no one who can match the raw power of Thor. As a Norse god, he commands the power of the elements as well as Mjolnir, a hammer that can lay waste to whatever it touches. More often than not, Thor is the team’s bruiser; he goes in when there’s nothing left to do but fight. And even though he’s an all-around stand-up fellow, there are a lot of instances where he just does wretched stuff. 

There are plenty of instances of Thor being manipulated or enchanted to commit evil acts, but some of the worst things Thor has done were under his own volition. For every time he was enchanted to fight his friends, there’s another story about the God of Thunder blowing China up or starting an international incident because he couldn't control his emotions. The worst things that Thor has ever done rank among some of the worst atrocities committed in the Marvel universe. 

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