What Is The Worst Thing Someone Can Do To A Person With Social Anxiety?  

Kellie Kreiss
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List Rules People with social anxiety: vote up the most anxiety-inducing situations you could be put in; vote down the situations you'd be able to navigate just fine.

House parties, group dinners, team-building exercises - some of us love them, and many of us dread them with ever fiber of our being. Anyone who is familiar with the heart-racing, palm-sweating, mind-numbing sensations that come with suddenly garnering the attention of a group of people - or, even worse, an entire room of people - would probably admit (though never out loud) that they deal with social anxiety.

For people with social anxiety, the very idea of commanding the attention of a room full of strangers or being on the receiving end of a slew of awkward questions is almost as bad as it actually happening. And what makes matters even worse? Other people being able to tell that they're anxious - cue sweaty palms, trembling voice, and the ever-dreadful blush.

So, what's the very worst thing that someone can do to a socially anxious person? Turns out, there are a lot of things.

People who have social anxiety: vote up the most anxiety-inducing situations that you could ever be forced to endure, and vote down those that you'd probably survive just fine.

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Someone leaves you at a party where they're the only person you know.
Someone takes you to a party, but ignores you and only talks to other people.
Someone asks you to tell a story to a group that you told them in confidence.
Someone makes you do karaoke.
Someone tells you to meet them at a party where you don't know anyone and they show up late.
Someone points and stares at you while you're standing alone.
In a group conversation at a party where you haven't spoken in awhile, someone interrupts you as soon as you get the nerve to speak.
Someone makes you meet them at a crowded place and they show up 20 minutes late.
Someone makes you dance with them on an empty, well-lit dance floor.
Someone asks you to give a speech at their wedding.
The only person you know at a dinner sits at the other end of the table from you.
Someone asks you to say something funny in front of a group.
When you finally get the nerve to talk in front of a group, and someone says "so you do talk!"
Someone makes you introduce yourself to a group.
Someone makes you plan a group event.
Someone gets in your personal space, uninvited.
Someone makes you sit at a dinner table next to people you don't know.
Someone asks you why you're turning so red.
Someone gives you unsolicited advice about your appearance/life choices.
Someone sets you up on a blind date.
Someone tells you that you have something in your teeth/on your face in front of other people.
Someone makes you yell to them from across the room.
Someone tells the server at the restaurant that it's your birthday.
Someone forces you to participate in group ice breakers and team building activities.
Someone invites you to a pool party.