The Worst Things to Do While Drunk

Alcohol is your best friend until... it isn't. If you're familiar with the terms keg stand, shotgun, flip cup, or Long Island Iced Tea, you've probably experienced a drunken night or two in your day. We're sure there are plenty of people out there who've never blacked out and who've never made any regrettable decisions while under the influence, but it's safe to say those people fit into a mystical category of beings alongside unicorns and the Lochness monster. 

Some drunken mistakes carry less weight than others. Taking a spill down a staircase or exiting the bathroom with toilet paper on your shoes are mere child's play when compared to the painfully uncomfortable, worst things to do while drunk that you'll find on this list. The drinking mistakes you'll find listed below may have happened to the best of us at one time or another, but by making yourself aware of the treacherous possibilities, we're hoping to spare you some embarrassment in the future. 

If you could take back your worst drunk mistakes, which ones would they be? Feel free to leave your drunken shame stories in the comments section! Who doesn't love some humorous self-deprecation, anyways? Vote up the terrible drinking mistakes you think are the worst and remember - drink with caution!
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  • Drive Your Car
    914 votes

    Drive Your Car

  • Play with Guns
    712 votes

    Play with Guns

  • Decide It's No Biggie to Have Unprotected Sex
    742 votes

    Decide It's No Biggie to Have Unprotected Sex

  • Get Tattooed
    779 votes

    Get Tattooed

  • Text Your Ex
    712 votes

    Text Your Ex

  • Talk to Police
    655 votes

    Talk to Police