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30 of the Worst Things To Hear When You're Single

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Being single can be tough. Even if you are independent and happy with your singledom, many people seem to forget that being single can actually be a choice. An increasing number of people are (fortunately) realizing that settling down with the wrong person or latching onto a relationship for fear of being alone is never worth it. But just because you are generally okay with being single doesn't mean you don't experience moments, however fleeting, when you wish you weren't. After all, finding your soulmate and falling in love sounds appealing to just about anyone – whether or not they are willing to admit it.

From family gatherings to trying to make plans with your friends, sometimes being single invites a lot of frustrating comments and questions from those around you. While you know they aren't trying to be rude, there a handful of things most single people are tired of hearing. Below are the 30 most annoying things to hear when you are single. 
  • 1

    You Need to Love Yourself First.

    Sigh. Just because I am single does not mean I hate myself. It means I love myself too much to settle.
  • 2

    You Need to Put Yourself Out There More.

    What? Out where? Where else have I been putting myself? It's not like I have been hiding!
  • 3

    I Think You're Being Too Picky.

    I am not picking out a new phone cover. I am picking out a person that I could potentially spend the rest of my life with. I don't think being too selective is a bad thing in this case. Sorry.
  • 4

    It'll Happen When You Least Expect It.

    Well, considering my expectations have dropped pretty low at this point, and I haven't been expecting anything for quite some time, it's must be a matter of minutes...
  • 5

    You'll Eventually Find the Right One.

    For some reason, hearing that you will "eventually" find the right one can be more depressing than the fact that you are single. As if I already didn't know reaching that "end goal" would be a long, excruciating journey.
  • 6

    Do You Ever Get Lonely?

    Asking a single person if they ever get lonely is like asking a homeless person if they ever get hungry. The answer is a glaringly obvious "YES!" and is not only rude and inappropriate to ask, but also makes you look like a complete jerk.
  • 7

    How Are You Still Single?

    I know, right? I am so attractive and funny and great. I have no idea why I am still single. Maybe I should call my exes and ask. When I figure it out, you'll be the first to know!
  • 8

    There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea.

    And yet NONE of them seem to be taking the bait. Just keep swimming, right?
  • 9

    You Don't Need Anyone, Anyway.

    No, I don't. But that doesn't mean I don't WANT to have someone. 
  • 10

    You're Young. You Have Plenty of Time.

    I know that. But "plenty of time" can't cuddle with me. And I am getting older every day.
  • 11

    I Was Married at Your Age!

    I once had a goldfish named Buster. What? What's wrong? I thought we were telling each other irrelevant tidbits about our lives. No?
  • 12

    Maybe You're Looking in the Wrong Places.

    Yeah. You're probably right, if the "wrong places" you refer to is planet Earth. Maybe I should start checking under rocks and behind bushes.
  • 13

    Are You Dating Anyone?

    Nope. But I do appreciate these daily reminders of the fact that I am, and probably will be, forever alone.
  • 14

    Have You Tried Online Dating?

    Unfortunately, yes. If perpetually swiping left on Tinder constitutes "online dating." Then yes, I have tried it and have miserably failed at it. 
  • 15

    Anything New with Your Love Life?

    Nope. Zip. Zero. Nada. Thanks for the friendly reminder, though! 
  • 16

    We Need To Find Someone To Set You Up With.

    We don't "need" to do anything. I can handle my personal life on my own, thank you very much. But, for real, are they good looking?
  • 17

    You Wouldn't Understand.

    Oh, right. Okay, that makes sense. Because only people in relationships know how to empathize. Gotcha. 
  • 18

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Yep. Thanks. You too. Have fun tonight eating the three pounds of chocolate your soulmate "surprised" you with and Instagramming pictures of the rose petals he laid out through the apartment. I'll be fine. I'll just be here with my Netflix and takeout.
  • 19

    Good for You! Live It Up!

    Yes, good for me that I haven't managed to land myself in a healthy, committed relationship yet. 
  • 20

    Why Did You Guys Break Up?

    For a bunch of reasons – all of which are none of your business. Even if it was, discussing WHY my last relationship didn't work out is almost more frustrating (okay, fine, painful) than discussing the fact that I am no longer in one at all.
  • 21

    Are You Afraid of Commitment?

    No. But I am afraid of committing to the wrong person. Which is why I haven't. Which is why I am single – in case that hasn't already been established.
  • 22

    You Don't Want to Be Tied Down, Anyway.

    No, I don't want to be tied down. But I would enjoy meeting someone I can have fun with – someone who doesn't feel like a burden.
  • 23

    Party of One?

    Yep. Just me tonight. And thank you for asking that loudly enough for everyone in the general proximity heard and looked over to investigate who the lone solider is. Just me, everyone. Go back to what you were doing. I'm okay, I promise.
  • 24

    Are You Two Dating?

    Nope. This is just my friend that I had to beg to come to this event with me so people didn't think I was a pathetic loser by showing up alone.
  • 25

    Do You Want to Have Kids?

    Aside from the fact that whether or not I want kids has nothing to do with you, if I do decide to have kids, it is going to require a second party. Let's take things one step at a time.