Here Are All The Things You Really Don't Want To See On Your Hand During A Palm Reading

You might wonder what those lines on your hands mean. Palm readers use specific knowledge and training to determine how the lines on your palm might define your fate. Believe it or not, palm readers use your hands to make psychic predictions.

There are guides to help you understand the difference between the best things to find on your hand and the questionable ones you might want to discuss with a trained psychic. A palm reader can tell you what a broken life line means, which isn't always as bad as you might think. If your heart line is short with a deep groove, you might want to consult an expert to find out if you're reading yourself right.


  • Be Careful Not To Misread Any Of The Three Major Lines On Your Palm

    There is an entire geography of lines in a crisscross pattern across your palms. According to palm readers, each of these lines says something about you, including your unique traits and life events that may occur.

    Your life line extends from your palm's edge and moves between your thumb and forefinger. While you might think your life line determines how long you'll live, it actually depicts your "life energy." A short or broken line can predict a traumatic disease or accident.

    Your heart line is more about your emotions than your physical heart. It can show how you experience love. It runs from the outside of your palm's edge to your middle finger.

    Your head line can identify your approach to dealing with both positive and negative experiences. It begins above your life line and runs horizontally toward your palm's center.

  • Clammy Hands Mean You Might Be Unstable

    You have one of four types of hands: earth, air, water, or fire. Earth hands are wide and rough, suggesting the person is practical and adventurous. Air hands are square with long fingers, often signaling a nervous yet intellectual person. Water hands are oval with long fingers, usually attached to the emotionally driven and artistically inclined. Fire hands are flush with short fingers and imply the person is energetic.

    Though your hand sign does not inherently mean anything negative, unpleasantly damp or clammy palms can signify that you're "lazy and unstable." Having particularly hot hands means you might be insincere yet successful. Cold hands mark the generous but shy.

  • You Could Have A Killer's Thumb
    Photo: Malcolm Lidbury / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    You Could Have A Killer's Thumb

    To a palm-reading novice, all fingers may seem like tiny sausages. For dedicated palm readers, there's a variety of finger and thumb shapes that all mean something different. For instance, a person with a large thumb is supposedly a workaholic, which is probably better than having a killer thumb - one that's bent out and backward.

    If you have a flat thumb, you might be manipulative. A pointed thumb suggests you're a dreamer - but also controlling. Long fingers might identify someone who is delicate, while short fingers imply a lack of patience.

  • Breaks On Your Hands' Main Lines Suggest Change Is Ahead

    If you notice any broken main lines on your hand, a big change may be coming to your life. Palm reading isn't an exact science, but you may use this information to prepare for your forthcoming deviation from the norm.

    If you have a break in any of your main lines, it doesn't necessarily mean a bad change is coming. Though a broken life line can signal an accident, it's up to you to decide how to approach the shift and grow from it.

  • A Faint Life Line Signals Nervous Energy

    For the uninitiated, a short life line might seem to indicate a short life, but that's not how it works in palm reading. Your life line shows what kind of life you are already leading. For example, if you have a faint life line, you likely don't go bungee jumping too often, which could be good or bad depending on how you define risk.

    Some people may not even have a life line. These people probably have a nervous energy - lack of a life line can signify someone is a high-strung ball of nerves.

  • A Broken Heart Line Can Lead To A Broken Heart

    Of all the lines on your palm, the most revealing is your heart line. A short line suggests greediness, while a deep groove implies frequent stress. Hopefully, your heart line isn't a combination of the two.

    Heart lines have deep ties to your emotions. A broken heart line could identify emotional distress.