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15 People Share The Worst Times They Couldn't Stop Laughing

July 8, 2021 408 votes 51 voters 1.2k views15 items

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Laughter brings people together. There's a reason they say it's the best medicine, but there is a time and place for everything. These people clearly didn't get the message. Feel free to laugh as loud as you want reading these awkward situations. 

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    (Don't) Take Me To Church

    From Redditor /u/Beths_Tatas

    Church. We are about 13. My friend says “I have to fart, what do I do, it’s coming out. I said hold your butt cheeks together tight, it won’t make a noise. He does it and we hear this EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sounded like a fire alarm. Loud. Everybody turned around and looked at us. We were laughing so hard we had to get up and walk out.

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    From Redditor /u/shakeyyjake

    A coworker told me that the doctor diagnosed him something called angina. It's some kind of heart condition (or a symptom of a heart condition) but I didn't know that. I thought he said man-gina and couldn't control my laughter. When he explained that it was angina, the cat was already out of the bag and I couldn't contain it.

    I still feel really bad, and I really hope it didn't upset or offend him. I also hope it never developed into anything serious, he was a good dude and had a newborn baby at the time.

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    From Redditor /u/Somgr81

    I was at the funeral for a close friend who had died unexpectedly. She was Mexican so half of the service was in Spanish, and I don't speak it beyond a few phrases so my mind started to wander. The funeral was right after work, so I hadn't eaten anything and was starving. I immediately remembered Homer Simpson at a funeral going, "I thought this thing was gonna be catered. Boy am I hungry. I mean I'm really, really hungry."

    I had to cover my mouth and cough to keep myself from laughing in the middle of a funeral. She loved the Simpsons and we used to quote it together all the time. I like to think she would have found it hilarious.

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    From Redditor /u/Indyalways 

    At thanksgiving with my friends family, the aunt had undergone a procedure on her throat and couldn't eat solid food. Her son invited his rude gf and she was telling the aunt that she needs to be grateful that she's alive and asked how does she feel to be sitting here with the family? The aunt said "hungry" and I lost it for quite awhile. It was my first time there but they invited me back for some reason haha

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