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Servers And Customers Reveal The Worst Tips Ever Given To Waitstaff

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Millions of waiters and service workers rely on tips to pay their bills, and you best believe they always remember their worst tippers. Diners who tip poorly, if at all, rank among the most terrible customers restaurant staff ever deal with, largely because they're able to get away with it.

Since tips are not legally required, cheap customers often assume they're unimportant. But when they make $2.30-an-hour, a service worker might put up with all your annoying customer habits with a big, fake smile, all in the hopes you remember to get the decimals right when calculating that tip. 

Able to vent on Reddit, service workers shared their worst tipping stories for fellow waitstaff and service workers to commiserate over. Anyone living in the States understands that customers who leave no tips deserve a tip of their own: don't eat out.

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    A Saucy Exit

    From Redditor/u/N546RV:

    I was a cook, but I can still chime in. We had a large party that came to eat on a Saturday night. They were quite unhappy at having to wait for a table - apparently they were unable to comprehend that weekends are, like, busy and stuff. So of course they were b*tchy throughout the entire evening, and when they were finished eating, they left some loose change on the table and poured bbq sauce on top of it.

    The impressive thing about this was that their waitress was the most calm, meek person in the entire store, and she was emitting curses that would have had a sailor cowering in fear. Never before or since did I see her that g*ddamn furious.

    Our store owner promptly went to the table, retrieved the sauce-covered change, intercepted the a**holes in the parking lot, slapped the money in one guy's hand, and told them not to ever f*cking come back.

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    Someone Needs To Stop Drinking

    From Redditor/u/electricshock88:

    As a bartender I had some a**hats sit at the bar and drink all day. I took pretty good care of them and when it came to paying, one guy pulled out his wallet and put his credit card down and a £20 note and put it on the bar. As I went to grab it he said 'Actually nah, you'll just spend it on beer. I'd rather buy you a drink' and put the £20 in his pocket. I replied' Thank you, that's kind of you (hiding my anger) but I cant drink whilst I work.' He replied 'Okay, well I'll drink it for you.' Laughing, he drank a beer and waved a £20 note in my face. F*cking assh*le.

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    Mennonite Moments

    From Redditor/u/Dydarian:

    I work as a server at a somewhat higher-end restaurant and frequently there are EW horse shows down the street. During these shows, we will get many customers coming in smelling like horse poo and covered in mud. They're some of the nicest people we wait on and they always buy a lot and tip very well. Mennonites sometimes come in with them, and generally they don't tip. Not like 'Hey they only tipped 10%,' but literally zero.

    One time there was a party of 10 of the horse people that came in (our lovely name for people from horse shows) and I was the only closing server left. They came in 15 minutes to close and told our manager that a few more would be in very soon. 10 minutes after we closed eight more people for the party came in. Now there were some Mennonites with them, but since there were so many people, I figured a few bad tips wouldn't hurt anything. This party had everything they could get their hands on. Desserts, apps, expensive add-ons, so I thought it was going to be great.

    Here was the bad news. My restaurant had recently stopped doing gratuities on parties since the change in the tax code. I came out with a $634 tab after one of the guys whom I had been talking to all night said that just one person was picking up the tab... You can all see where this is going. One of the three Mennonites picked up the tab and literally left a zero with a line through it as their tip. My manager ended up buying me a meal and taking me out for several beers afterwards as some sort of recompense, but it was still awful.

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    Divine Retribution

    From Redditor/u/Silvius_ii:

    I had a church group leave little fake $5 bills with 'Your Treasure Is In Heaven' and their church address on it for a few weeks. (Stupid.)

    So another server and I saved up about $50 'worth' of the fake money. Then we went to a service at the church listed on the tract and put them in the collection plate and got up and left. Because their treasure is in Heaven, right?

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