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The Worst Title Lines Spoken in Film

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List RulesVote up the most distractingly funny times a movie character said the movie's title.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re watching a movie and an actor comes along to deliver a titular line, i.e. the title of the film. When a character says the film’s title in dialogue it not only takes the viewing audience out of the immersive experience of watching a film, but it also shows you how lazy the screenwriter was while writing the movie. Sometimes films can drop eponymous lines and it’s fine. In movies like Independence Day and Groundhog Day, using titles in dialogue actually works really well. And sometimes you just can’t avoid giving a title line. In the film Halloween, at some point someone is going to have to say what holiday falls on October 31st. Unfortunately, there are a whole slew of movies out there that make no bones about using titular lines and this list ranks the worst of them.

It might surprise you that some really great movies use titles in their dialogue. Films like Blade Runner and Chinatown perform the graceless title drop in their otherwise flawless pictures. But for the most part, the movies that make gratuitous use of dropping an eponymous line or two aren’t that great (or they’re geared toward children).

Keep an eye open for your favorite films on this list of the worst eponymous lines in film history and be sure to vote up the films that make the most flagrant use of the eponymous line. Or - if you actually like some of the title lines in these films - tell everyone about it in the comments.
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    You can almost feel the high fives that the crew gave themselves when they finished filming this scene. Gone Baby Gone proves that a prestige movie can still have garbage dialogue.
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    You nailed it, Jon Vernon.
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    Yikes. The Mortal Kombat movies are only worth watching if you're hanging out with your friends and want something to laugh at. Or if you're 12 years old. 
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    When you hear the title of a film two minutes and 13 seconds into it, you know the movie's got to be good great.
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