Ranker Readers Share Their Worst Experience On A Train

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Picture this: It is early in the morning, you are running late for work, and when you get to the train station you see that the train has just left. It practically closed the doors in your face. Now you have to wait for the next one, but that feels like an eternity. No worries, another train arrived! You manage to sneak your way on, but it is so packed that people push up against you and someone spills coffee on your jacket. How terrible. Well, that stressful situation is not as bad as what has happened to some of our dear readers. These are some train mishaps that our friends experienced, and we recommend that you read them so you don't feel alone in the train crusade. Check out these horrible train rides and vote up the worst.

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    The Train Caught On Fire

    From Facebook commenter Daidrea H:

    [It] caught on fire and firefighters had to take us out. We were on the news. CTA (Chicago) ‘05/'06.

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  • When They Throw Your Bags Out
    Photo: jans canon / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY 2.0
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    When They Throw Your Bags Out

    From Facebook commenter Judy H:

    The car with luggage had problems and was detached, they shoved the luggage outside and at the very last minute told passengers to go outside and get it.

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  • A Rude Man With A Baguette In Paris
    Photo: Willem van de Poll / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    A Rude Man With A Baguette In Paris

    From Facebook commenter Amanda T:

    Paris, 2005. Totally lost, knew just enough French to get by, but not enough language and geography to figure out how to get back to my host family. A kind man was trying to help me and an older grouch was standing across from us and throwing out dirty insults as if I couldn’t understand a single word. He was even holding a baguette.

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  • An Endless Claustrophobic Moment
    Photo: Photographes du National Geographic / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    An Endless Claustrophobic Moment

    From Facebook commenter LeighAnn E:

    I was once taking the train from Seattle to Portland. And we got stuck halfway due to some snow issues. And we had to wait for someone to come clear the tracks. It felt like it took forever and it was just a weirdly claustrophobic feeling.

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    Puking On A Packed Train

    From Facebook commenter Ken L:

    Packed like sardines on a moving NYC subway train when a woman began projectile vomiting. As tight as it was, the tightness increased to unbelievable levels as folks sought to get away from her.

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    A Weirdly Long Trip

    From Facebook commenter Tim L:

    I took a train [from] Kraków, Poland to Budapest, Hungary. I think it’s about 300 miles. It took two days. I got off with about 100 miles to go and took a cab.

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