34 Ridiculously Stupid Transformers Toys

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Did you ever have a bad Transformer? There are few franchises that captured the hearts of kids since the 1980s like Transformers. Conceptually, robots in disguise are sort of perfect toys. They start off as something awesome like a car, a spaceship, or even a weapon, and then turn into a robot! Yet, sometimes they missed the mark. This list collects the most disappointing Transformers toys of all time. 

Now it should be said there there were a lot of other strange, bizarre and just plain weird Transformers out there. However, this list is all about the figures that really made the kids playing with them struggle to find a reason as to why they were made in the first place. Really, these toys probably helped to stretch kids' imaginations.

Collect your energon cubes and  roll out! This list collects the most disappointing Transformer figures ever made, so vote up the ones that collected dust at the bottom of a shoe box.

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    Wheelie is a pretty cool Autobot. That's why it makes absolutely no sense that this toy looks like a simple hunch-backed version of the character. 
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  • Silverbolt (Beast Machines)
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    On Beast Wars, Silverbolt was originally this awesome wolf/eagle. Then, somehow, he turned into an old mean-looking parrot. 
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    There is nothing intimidating about Sparkstalker. He is a stumpy little multi-colored dinosaur. Nice try Decepticons. 
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  • Grimlock (Classic Pretender)
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    What kid doesn't want a Transformer that looks like a middle school gym coach in an elaborate LARPing costume. 
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    Majestic birds of prey make for excellent transformers. Except Flamefeather with his T-rex arms and his giant thighs. 
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  • Cindersaur (Firecon)
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    The Barney of all the Transformers. This guy goes from a stubby little dinosaur to a stubby little robot. 
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