The Worst TV And Movie Wedding Dresses

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There are clearly a lot of gorgeous wedding dresses to swoon over in both movies and TV. That's mainly why when a horrendous gown pops up on screen, we tend to be more critical than usual. After all, viewers like to root for epic relationships from the romantic proposal to the reception. We want to be there when the couple finally walks down the aisle, so we gather our tissues and set our expectations high. And then here comes the bride... and her fugly wedding dress. No wonder awful wedding dresses in pop culture leave a sour taste in our mouths.

When a beloved heroine walks down the aisle, fans hope for the perfect TV wedding dress that will rise to the occasion. It will be beautiful and memorable, and will match the character's personality. Unfortunately, that's not always the case - and these gowns are the proof. Just in case you're looking for what to avoid wearing when tying the knot.

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  • This dress was supposed to look absurd, so it's obvious the costume designer went the extra mile to ensure it's as outrageous as possible. Still, can you imagine walking down the aisle in this piece of ruffled insanity?

    • Category: Film (2011)
  • Sure, Betsy is an offbeat fashion student, but this is a disaster of a wedding outfit. A top hat? High-low construction? Cowboy boots? The fashion police would certainly label this a faux pas.

    • Category: Film (1990)
  • In one of the last episodes of the beloved sitcom, Dorothy decides to marry Lucas Hollingsworth. It's a sweet, soft wedding that leads to a beautiful finale in which our favorite girls part ways, but that dress? It might have been attractive if not for the bizarre ruffly neckline that distracts from the otherwise elegant lacy top.

    • Category: Fictional Character
  • Where do you start with this one? The extravagant silhouette? The puff sleeves? The multitiered skirt with embellished three-dimensional flowers? Whichever way you look at it, it's a fashion disaster. Luckily, Cristabel only wears the dress for a costume party, but still.

    • Category: Film (2008)