The Worst TV Reboots

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Vote up the bad, most ill-conceived remakes or revivals of series that originally aired in the US.

This list contains information about the worst TV reboots, ranked from the very worst to the just semi-terrible by your votes. It is often tempting for TV producers to relive successful series of past television eras with modern reboots, but these attempts often end with cancellations. Some of these bad TV remakes are dramas, others are comedies, but they are all unfortunate.

Which shows appear on this worst TV revivals list? Get Smart was a hilarious sitcom that originally aired from 1965 – 1970, but its 1995 reboot was cancelled after only seven episodes. While this remake was a ratings dud, it had a talented cast that included Andy Dick, Elaine Hendrix, and Barbara Feldon. The 2003 reboot of Dragnet is another one of the worst TV revivals of all time.

Does Jerry O'Connell sound like a good casting choice for Herman Munster to you? This is just one of the many reasons that the 2012 reboot of The Munsters, called Mockingbird Lane, was an instant failure. Other terrible TV reboots include Kojak, Wonder Woman, and The Twilight Zone.

Which bad TV remake do you think is the worst? Give the most terrible reboots a thumbs up and please add any other bad remakes you want to warn others to stay away from.

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