The Worst TV Series Finales Ever

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The worst final episodes of great TV shows have a history almost as old as TV itself. Whenever an audience becomes so invested in a group of fictional people's lives that they can't imagine a way the series could possibly end (let alone that the series could end at all), it's hard to satisfy everyone. A far cry from the satisfaction of the best series finales ever, some of the worst TV show endings are almost malicious in how disappointing they are.

these series finale flops involve plot lines that never got wrapped up (whatever happened to Walt on Lost? And what about those polar bears?), used "convenient" ways to explain disastrous final seasons (It was all a dream! Or an autistic dream! Or a hyperbaric chamber sleep-induced dream!), or just copped out of explaining what happened to morally ambiguous characters by calling it an ambiguous end (cut to black!), these awful series finales represent the worst things that have happened to good TV. From Game of Thrones' finale to the How I Met Your Mother ending, some of the worst TV endings feel like a mockery of all the seasons that came before them.

What is the worst TV series finale of all time? Is Dexter the worst series finale ever? If you're a Seinfeld fan, did the bizarre finale leave you angry? This list of the worst final episodes on TV is here to let the viewers decide what TV series finales were the biggest letdowns. If you think the Lost season finale was the worst way a TV series ever ended, vote it up and let the TV watching world know of your disdain for the worst series finales of all time.

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