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The Worst TV Show Titles of All Time

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A title is incredibly important to a TV show. It's an essential element of branding that viewers need to remember the show, to remember the tone, and to tell all their friends about it. A lot of time goes into creating these television series titles, and they have to be vetted by the production studio and ultimately the network. This is why it's so baffling  when an incredibly ridiculous TV show name makes it through all of that and actually gets on the air. 

This list compiles the worst TV show titles that small screen audiences have ever seen. Lately it's been getting really bad, making viewers wonder if the networks are running out of ideas, and all they're left with are these bad television series titles. Who knows? But this list has all of the most cringe-worthy titles from all genres and eras. Whether they're overly long and confusing, or so inscrutable that you have no idea what the show is going to be, these are all the worst TV show names.

So vote for the lamest titles in all of TV history below, and be sure to add any horrible television show names if they aren't already listed