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The 20 Worst Types of Neighbors

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"Home is where the heart is." While that may be true, outside those four walls all bets are off. Whether you reside in a house or an apartment building, horrible neighbors run rampant and come in all shapes and sizes. And unfortunately, you can't run or hide from close encounters of the not-so-neighborly kind. This list of the worst kinds of neighbors includes everyone from the early morning mower to the host of every weekend's 4 a.m. block party.

You probably moved into your neighborhood or building with big dreams of happiness. You carved out a home that would serve as a sanctuary. It's your special place to relax, to unwind, to be happy... Wow. You were so naive! Because without warning, a nearby resident will rear his or her ugly head and quickly turn your happy home into a living hell. We're talking about the people so annoying or mean or inconsiderate or creepy that even Mr. Rogers would exclaim in horror, "Oh please! For the love of God, will you NOT be my neighbor?!" 

This list aims to reflect the absolute worst types of neighbors. Of course, this list may not contain every single type of offender, but these next-door types make it absolutely impossible to love thy neighbor. 

So, who are the worst people on your block? That's up to you to decide, since different things irk different people. Take a gander and upvote the people who manage to bother you the most. Go on - they'll never know... Unless they're already hacking into your wifi.

Here goes the neighborhood!

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    The Party Animal

    If the house is a-rockin', you won't be a-sleepin'! The Party Animal is apt to rage any and every night of the week. What's worse? This ain't the movies, so your very own, real-life, overgrown frat-boy or sorostitute won't be as dreamy as Zac Efron. And, of course, The Party Animal's nothing without his/her herd of YOLO-minded, intoxicated, keg-stand revelers - and they're all coming over!
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    The Tattletale

    The Tattletale knows the rules and is an eager-beaver to enforce them, usually anonymously. Do the cops show up to shut down your "unruly" book club meeting? Who calls the city at 12:01 a.m. after trash collection day if your bins are still on the street? Does the SPCA show up if your dog pants extra-hard during a fun game of fetch? The Tattletale has struck again!
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    The Snoop

    Nothing gets by The Snoop! All up in your business and basically super-human, he/she knows what you're doing before you've even done it. Yes, The Snoop puts the NSA to shame. Oftentimes, The Snoop is an older person - perhaps someone who's retired and has A LOT of extra time on his/her hands. To easily identify this offending neighbor, try leaving your door unlocked after 9 p.m. The Snoop will be right over - under a guise of concern for your well-being - to warn that you'll be raped and murdered if you don't secure that deadbolt.  
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    The Sneaky Stealer

    You go to retrieve the morning newspaper but only find the plastic bag it arrived in. You place a piping hot apple pie to cool on your windowsill, but it disappears, plate and all. You left the garage door open for 30 seconds unattended, and now you can't find your all-time favorite fishing rod or golf club. These are just a few ways you can be victimized by The Sneaky Stealer. And don't even think about leaving your running shoes outside the front door. The Sneaky Steals salivates to steal a super set of Saucony sneakers! (Say that 3x fast.)
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