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25 Types of Roommates That Are Actually The Worst

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If you're living out in the big, bad world, chances are you're going to have to bunk with a roommate at some point. But for every Craigslist angel you may find, there are about a dozen devilish roommates just waiting to sign that lease agreement on the dotted line.

What are the worst types of roommates? Have you ever said, "I hate my roommate"? Knowing this list could help you avoid your very own roommate from hell. Some of these bad roommates you may recognize from your own life. And if you don’t, well, maybe somebody up there likes you.  

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    The 24 Hour Party Person

    We all enjoy getting down every now and again, but this party animal brings it home so hard that you'd swear a stampede went through your living room. And forget about keeping some booze on hand for you. That got used for shots last week to celebrate surviving the fourth lifetime stomach pump (after that, the fifth one is free)!  
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    The My Stereo Goes to 11!

    If your roommate trips and falls in their room and nobody is home, do they make a sound? Nobody knows, because your roommate has been blasting the same wubwub dub step track so unfathomably loud that the entire apartment complex would probably ignore it even if they did. 
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    The Food Burglar

    Remember that amazing dinner you had last night? The one that waiter/wizard turned into an incredible, aluminum foil-wrapped swan that's just waiting for you in your fridge? It's dead now. Well, it was probably dead before. But it's gone to another place now... your roommate's stomach. 
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    The Drama Magnet

    Why can't you understand?! It's not their fault that they missed their shift at work. And that their car was towed after being in the red zone for only, like, a minute. And that their friend got them both arrested because they tried to steal a police horse. And that that horse is now in your yard eating your new vegetable garden. It's really, like, not their fault, OK? Don't be so judgmental!
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