Uber Drivers Describe Their Worst Passengers

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Yes, people love Uber because it's so useful. Already totally wasted on a Friday night or planning to get totally wasted on a Friday night? Just request a car through the ride-sharing app. It's safe, it's usually pretty cheap, and it gives you the opportunity to send some pretty hilarious drunk texts. Sure, you may have to rub shoulders with other gross, sweaty, intolerably intoxicated fellow passengers if you opt for the Uber carpool option, but hey, some people have found timely hookups during their shared rides. 

If you're a regular rider with Uber, you've probably had your fair share of odd encounters and experiences. Aside from riding with weirdos in a carpool, perhaps you've had some interesting conversations with drivers or their driving had your feet going through the floor. Maybe your driver took a left turn with opposing traffic rapidly approaching. Maybe they're a tail gater who hits that brake just a little too close to the car in front. Whatever it may be, we've all probably had some wild times with Uber. Even if things get uncomfortable, at least you have a great story to share with your friends.

Don't think you've seen all there is to see during your various rides, though. The drivers, especially the ones in Prius hybrids, are the absolute authority on all things weird. Simply put, some drivers have just seen it all. While some drivers likely sit back and keep their eyes on the destination, others might not be so patient with the countless drunks, business jerks, and random crazies. Think about it: what would you do if you were casually driving a drunk girl home in the middle of the night and she starts vomiting all over your car? Even if Uber foots the bill, you still have to drive home. Of course, it's not all gross stories of people who can't hold their liquor. Some Uber drivers have dealt with much worse than a yelling frat boy—whether that be having a gun pointed at their head or the passenger nearly getting them arrested. While some of this may sound crazy, it's all happened. 

Now, upon checking out some of these crazy stories from Uber driver, you may think to yourself, "Well I'd definitely never do anything like that." However, the person driving the car may say otherwise—as you never know what kind of person they are or how much they can tolerate. There are multiple types of Uber drivers, but all of them converge on Reddit to rant about their passengers. In other words, drivers can only handle so much nonsense—they're people too, after all. Ever wonder why you got a less-than-perfect rating during that ride a few months ago? Chances are your driver raged about how you were just too chatty. He probably also defamed you online. Maybe you're one of the horrible passengers to make it on this list. We can only hope. Regardless, the accounts below may make you think twice about making some extra cash with Uber. And as a passenger, maybe these stories will make you think twice about the way you act on your next ride.