Ranker Readers Reveal Their Worst Experience Renting A Place For Vacation

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Take a deep breath and try to contain the anger you feel when you remember the moment you arrived at the hotel, rental property, or whatever it is that you had rented for your vacation and found it was a disaster. It can be very unpleasant to find out the online photos you saw deceived you, or to not receive the service you expected. But as we say, you are not alone. You aren't the only one who has experienced this – there are lots of us and we are all here together to support each other with our stories. Some of our Facebook friends have decided to share their worst rental experiences. Check out these stories and vote up the worst vacations ever!

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

  • No Records Of The Reservation
    Photo: Edward Latham / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    No Records Of The Reservation

    From Facebook commenter Kris H:

    Spring break in the Florida Keys. Arrived after hours of travel by plane and car and was told they had no record of our reservation even though I had a confirmation!

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    Finding Bed Bugs Is A Deal Breaker

    From Facebook commenter Matt K:

    Bed bugs.

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    Dirty Water All Over The Kitchen

    From Facebook commenter Kimberly M:

    Arrived back to the condo after dinner with a kitchen sink that was overflowing with dirty water (might have been sewage).

    [I] couldn’t reach the condo owner until the next morning! It was awful!!

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    Cockroaches On The Celling

    From Facebook commenter Anne D:

    Cucarachas [cockroaches] on the ceiling.

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    From Facebook commenter Robert M:

    [I was] staying in a cabin on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. [I] had to go outside to turn the A/C on. Woke up the next morning freezing.

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    The Washer Didn't Work

    From Facebook commenter Michael V:

    The washer did not work with a lot of little kids and [on] rainy days mud mud mud.

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