The Worst Wedding Dresses In Romantic Comedy History

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Here comes the film bride, all dressed in... a horrible white dress. Romantic comedies usually end with the key couple living happily ever after, because it's romantic tragedy unless we see gorgeous actors hate at first sight before falling in love, go on last-minute chases through airports, and walk down a petal-strewn aisle, or at least kiss on top of a building.

When the bride says yes to the guy or gal, she's also saying yes to wearing a dress that will be a key costume choice. Her gown might be purposely tacky, with excess lace, an unflattering cut, or an unfortunate pairing with boots. And sometimes costume designers create gowns they hope will grace the cover of a bridal magazine and make audiences drool. Intentionally or not, some of these dresses are best banished to the back of a moth-ridden closet.

Some viewers might disagree with the worst rom-com wedding dress choices here. Look closely before you defend a gown, however. Uma Thurman's dress in The Accidental Tourist, for example, is fine until you notice the belt. And poofy short sleeves never looked beautifully bridal, even in the '80s.