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Wigs Worn By Actors In TV And Movies That Were Practically Their Own Character

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Costume design is tricky. When it's done well, it often flies under the radar; you're just seeing well-dressed characters. On the other hand, bad costume design can really distract from a movie or TV show, and there may be no greater fashion faux-pas than cheesy wigs. There are probably a handful that immediately jump to the forefront of your mind. Characters who wear bad wigs steal the show, and never in a good way. 

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Swordfish? Okay, well maybe the second thing with that particular movie, but it's John Travolta's hair. Eleven's wig on Stranger Things was explicitly a wig, but it was still rough. Bad wigs can easily become a punching bag for any project, so it's particularly head-scratching that they seem to happen so often – and to otherwise nicely dressed characters, too.

Here are some of the worst wigs on TV and in movies. Don't try any of these looks at home.

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    Billy Hargrove's Mullet In Stranger Things Is Oddly Sexy And Disgusting

    Photo: Netflix

    One of Stranger Things new characters in Season 2, Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) is the rough and tough older brother no one wants. But for all of his bullying, he certainly knows how to rock denim on denim and make the ladies swoon with his ratty, curly, and very questionable mullet locks. Montgomery has revealed the hair is a wig – as if there was any question.

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    Eleven's Wig On Stranger Things Barely Stayed On

    Photo: Netflix

    There were times when Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) wig looked like it was just placed on her head and that a single gust of wind would carry it straight to the Upside Down. It was never supposed to be real hair (the kids put a wig on her to make her less conspicuous) but it definitely looked fake.

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    Taylor Lautner's New Moon Wig Was Pretty Offensive

    Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) luscious locks look laughable in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In this installment of Hollywood whitewashing, Lautner was given a tan and an eight-foot-long wig to convince the audience that he's of Native American descent. It did not work. The wig can be described with one appropriate word: woof.

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    Bruce Willis Got To Have Hair In Surrogates

    Greer's (Bruce Willis) 'do in Surrogates would have been more at home on one of Ralphie's classmates from A Christmas Story. He looked like Dennis the Menace. Or Owen Wilson. Regardless, it was a terrible look made even worse by everyone's mental picture of Willis's famous cue ball head.

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