Ranker Readers Reveal The Worst Experience They’ve Had On A Work Trip

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Traveling is such a beautiful thing, and some people are so lucky that they get to travel around the world as part of their job. They get to visit incredible places, learn new cultures, and eat traditional foods from countries that they otherwise might never have seen in their lives. It is a very enriching and unique experience, but this type of trip also has its downsides. Remember when Chandler Bing from Friends had to go to Tulsa for work and spend Christmas away from Monica? Terrible. There are many stories that recount bad work trips that are very interesting to read. Have you ever been on a bad work trip?

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    When They Don't Give You A Corporate Card

    From Facebook commenter Brett B:

    Not having my corporate card!

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    Working Under Pouring Freezing Rain

    From Facebook commenter Janice J:

    We had to dig fox holes and then deal with the mission while it was pouring rain and freezing.

  • The Pilot Saved Them All
    Photo: Alfred T. Palmer / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    The Pilot Saved Them All

    From Facebook commenter Erik L:

    Our military plane I was riding in coming back from Germany fell like a rock. There were helmets and TA 50 and M-16s etc. on the ceiling. We were all sitting in nets. The pilot pulled it out and saved us all. Bumps, bruises, and lacerations when our equipment hit us as it fell back down, but none the worse for wear. We made it.

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    A Hot Summer Drive

    From Facebook commenter John R:

    Having to go from Manhattan to Newark in the back of a truck on a summer day in the1970s to offload 250 thousand-ounce silver bars.

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    Not Having Your Passport

    From Facebook commenter Grissom W:

    [I] had my passport taken on an island in Indonesia. Spent three days trying to get it back so we could fly back to Jakarta.

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    When You Lock Your Keys In The Trunk

    From Facebook commenter Cassie B:

    [I] locked my keys in the trunk when I was getting something and then had to have an emergency locksmith because it was after hours when I went to leave.