15 People Reveal The Worst Workplace Mistakes They Witnessed So You Don't Make Them Too

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Workers of the world: vote up the worst mistakes you wouldn't want to make on the job.

Sometimes being the eyewitness to an awkward situation can be just as bad as being in the situation yourself. To avoid becoming the person who makes a scene at work, check out these workplace incident stories so you can avoid the worst mistakes to make at work.

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    They Freaked Out On A Forklift And Got Fired Immediately

    From Redditor u/selfishmacaw:

    When I worked at Home Depot we had a guy who was really something special.

    When driving a forklift during store hours you're supposed to have a spotter with flags guide you through the store. It's pretty much an instant firing if you don't. So anyway, this guy drives the forklift into the store with a pallet of cinder blocks and no spotter. He proceeds to hit a shelf, which damages a cinder block on the bottom. He panics, realizing he damaged a $1.00 cinder block, and speeds through the store on the forklift, weaving in and out of customers and gets caught by the manager trying to dump the entire pallet of blocks down the garbage chute to cover his tracks. That was his last day.

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    They Wanted To Rearrange The Whole Store On Their First Day

    From Redditor u/wilson263:

    I was working a summer job at a corner store in a small neighborhood on the outskirts of town. I was asked to train a new employee, about 20 years my senior, during a night shift. After about 6 pm, there are very few customers - perfect for quiet training of all the different systems in the small store.

    He starts coming up with ideas for how things should be run better. Like, we need to make a fresh pot of coffee for the customers (there are no customers this late, and they are not buying coffee). And make fresh cookies. And re-arrange all the shelves. Etc. I asked him to stop, but he wouldn't. I told the manager why the store was so out of order the next morning and that I was sorry. The new employee was fired immediately. We suspect he also stole some cigarettes when I went to the bathroom.

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    They Put Cumin Into Prepackaged Cookie Mix Instead Of Cinnamon

    From Redditor u/mountainsprouts:

    A bakery I used to work at sold dry health cookie mix for tourists to take home. Originally the cooks mixed and packaged it instead of the bakers. They accidentally put cumin in instead of cinnamon, then package them. No one knew until customers started emailing about it. After that it was the bakers job.

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    They Started An Electrical Fire And Burned Their Fingers In Hot Oil

    From a former Redditor:

    Worked for Wal-Mart for several years. One morning I smell an electrical fire. We call the fire department. They come in and say it's contained, but we should evacuate the building due to the acrid smoke. Most firemen don't even enter because of the fumes. Management says no, employees cannot leave.

    Eventually we find out one of the deli guys decided to "defrost" a package of jalapeño poppers (they're to go from freezer directly into fryer). He figured putting the entire package in for FOUR HOURS on the regular high setting would do the trick. We checked - he really did decide it needed four hours. This is the same employee that wanted to test that the fryer oil was ready... so he stuck his finger in it (severe burns ensued).

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    They Dropped A Wrench Into A $500,000 Machine... Twice

    From a Redditor:

    My husband works in a factory that makes "corrugated fiberboard" (cardboard, the kind used in shipping boxes). A lot of the machinery is incredibly expensive.

    His co-worker dropped a wrench into the machine and wiped out a $500,000 dollar tungsten carbide corrugating roll.

    They did not fire him, but he did get written up and suspended for a while.

    A year later he did it again. Very fired after that one.

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    They Side-Swiped A Brand New BMW In The Dealership Parking Lot

    From Redditor u/thecatbandit:

    I was at a car dealership when a guy went to bring around another man's brand new, very nice, custom upholstery BMW. Their porter hit a pole and the whole side of the car was dented and scraped. Never have I seen a place that quiet.

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