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The Worst Pro-Wrestling Promos Ever Cut, Ranked

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Wrestling demands much of its performers: grueling travel schedules, tough physical performances, and camera-ready charisma at all times. In order to keep audiences captivated, professional wrestlers must possess performance skills on the microphone as well as inside the ring. Mic skills are so important, in fact, that it’s common practice for wrestlers to utilize managers or other “mouthpieces” when they lack the gift of gab - the way Paul Heyman so eloquently represents his client, Brock Lesnar.

Many talented wrestling personalities have owned the mic in their day, but even the best professionals like Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, and Booker T have their off days. This has led to the recording of some of the silliest and most dumbfounding things ever uttered by modern humans. From accidentally dropping slurs to forgetting lines to mumbling sheer nonsense, here are some of the funniest pro-wrestling promos and microphone fails in history.

Now, whether or not you love the particular wrestler is moot: regardless of how great you think they are, vote up the all-time worst promos in wrestling history to see which botched promo is the worst of all time.