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15 Parents From Yu-Gi-Oh! That Definitely Scarred Their Children For Life

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As Tristan famously asked on LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series, "don't our parents even care that we're missing?" When it comes to the official Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, the answer is a resounding no. It's really no surprise, given all the hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! moments that had to be censored for American audiences. Parents in Yu-Gi-Oh! are usually dead, abusive, or so negligent that you have to wonder why CPS isn't involved. Some of the worst parents on Yu-Gi-Oh! include Mr. Ishtar, the Egyptian monster who forced his kids to live in an underground crypt and ritualistically tortured them. Then there was Joey's dad, who beats his son and ignores his critically ill daughter, and Kaiba's father, who uses one son for financial gain and uploads the other's consciousness to a computer and then ignores him once his sanity starts to erode. 

That's just the terrible parents in Yu-Gi-Oh! DM, and it isn't even all of them. Seriously, where are Yugi's parents, anyway? In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, you'll find parents who let their kid's leg get replaced with a dinosaur fossil, parents who foist caring for their dying son onto his younger brother, and more. The parents in 5D's, Zexal, and ARC V aren't much better. Keep reading if you think you can handle the neglectful details.

  • 5. Mr. Otogi From Yu-Gi-Oh! DM

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    Ryuuji Otogi, also known as Duke Devlin or the Dungeon Dice Monsters guy, has a horrifying back story involving his father. See, Mr. Otogi, also known as Mr. Clown, asked Sugoroku Mutou, a renowned gamer, to take him on as a disciple. The apprenticeship ended in a challenge for ownership of one of the more well-known magical items in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Millennium Puzzle. Mr. Otogi lost, which meant he had to take an extreme penalty, aging 50 years in one night. 

    Seeking revenge, he forced his son Ryuuji to play the same Shadow Game against Sugoroku's grandson, Yugi Mutou. When Ryuuji looked like he was about to lose, Mr. Otogi intervened, attempting to strangle Yugi, and telling his own son that he was a failure who was no longer allowed to live. It's also super important to remember: these are the same people who solve life-changing crises through a children's card game. 

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  • 6. Vector's Father From Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

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    Vector's father, a powerful military leader, was also pretty terrible at the whole "dad" thing. Things were going okay until a serious illness forced him to pass his military position on to his son. Instead of continuing the war, Vector brokered a peace deal. This infuriated his father, who wanted to keep on fighting and accumulate more territory.

    Blinded by rage, he tried to kill Vector with a sword, but ended up killing his wife instead when she tried to protect her child. Unfortunately, Vector's dad couldn't even meet the minimum requirements for being a halfway decent parent; not actively trying to murder your children.

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  • 7. Yuki Judai's Parents From Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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    When Yuki Judai, also known as Jaden Yuki in the dub, was a child, he started exhibiting some... unusual tendencies. He talked to Duel Spirits, the living embodiment of Duel Monster cards. Most people can't see Duel Spirits, so as a far as the people around him were concerned, he was hallucinating. No mention was made of any attempts on his parents' part to get the kid psychiatric help for his apparent mental illness, so that's strike one.

    Strike two occurred when Duel Spirits were proven terrifyingly real when one of the spirits (Yubel, Judai's girlfriend from a past life... it's a long and somewhat terrible story) put a friend of Judai's in a coma. Like an actual, real coma. Not the Shadow Realm. A coma. 

    Judai's parents respond in an overwhelmingly terrible way. After Judai got rid of the card by sending it into space (it's Yu-Gi-Oh!, just roll with it) he started having nightmares about Yubel suffering alone in the void. Instead of trying to comfort him, getting him therapy, or doing anything non-abusive, Judai's parents arranged for a medical procedure to erase his memory.

    This caused some serious mental anguish when things started to remind Judai of Yubel. How could his parents have predicted that this card game-based problem would come up again? Maybe because, strike three, they sent him to card game school. Good parents would have, at minimum, given the kid a friendly heads up before putting him in that situation. Then again, good parents probably wouldn't have brainwashed their kid in the first place. 

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  • 8. Shou & Ryou's Parents From Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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    While Shou (Syrus) and Ryou (Zane) Marufuji (Truesdale)'s  parents never officially appear in Yu-Gi-Oh GX, their absence is baffling given the horrible things that happen to their children. After Ryou's initial success as a pro duelist, he suffers a serious losing streak. In despair over his failure to launch the career he'd been training for, Ryou becomes an underground duelist instead. Underground dueling is basically a cage match where contestants get electrocuted every time their life points are depleted. In other words, it's a pretty good way to end up dead.

    As a result of being repeatedly electrocuted, and also getting possessed by a mind-controlling force called Darkness, Ryou ends up hospitalized with a failing heart and other assorted medical issues. You might think that at this point, the parents would step up to the plate and maybe try to take care of their kid. They didn't help him out when his career failed, but maybe that's just tough love, right? Maybe they wanted him to handle things on his own now that he's an adult! But of course they'd show up for their 20-year-old son when he's literally dying... right?

    Well, this is Yu-Gi-Oh!, so no. Instead, the job of caring of Ryou fell to his younger brother, Shou. Shou was still recovering from the cataclysmic events of Season 3, a walk through Hell that destroyed his relationship with his best friend Judai. Shou, remember, is still basically in high schoolThe parents, who should be handling this, are nowhere to be found.

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